F***** My Neighbour's Son

I came out the shower without a towel and pure naked. I was home alone and I was 15. I walked to my bedroom like that. I have one of those windows where you have to drawn the curtains.I forgot to draw them though. I was naked and I sat down to start fingering my p**** and masterbating, all while the window was open. It was late and my light was turned on and my neighbours son was watching me rub my t*** and c** all over the floor. Hes 16. I got so h**** that I went up to the window and began rubbing myself over it. Then I looked up and my neighbours son was just watching me. Lets call him Matt. He knocked on my door, and I opened it and he just stared at my b****. He pushed me into my house, slammed the door shut and began to furiously kiss me. Instantly I felt his c*** go hard and push against my p****. He groaned slightly and rubbed his tounge around my mouth. Then his hand slipped down from squeezing my b**** and nipples to my p****. He fingered me and then started getting faster and rougher. I couldn't take it anymore so I pulled his d*** out his pants and gave him a b******. He shoved it into my throat until I couldn't breathe then he pulled it out. I got up and we furiously made out again up to my bedroom then he instantly shoved his c*** into me and f***** me like crazy. I think the whole neighbourhood could hear us because I was so loud and he kept grunting and moaning. My parents came home and he shoved my head into a pillow and kept f****** me. I was still loud so he turned me around and pulled my lips onto his. It kept me quiet enough. My parents called out to me and we stopper making out and f****** each other. I yelled that I was trying to sleep and they apologised. They told me they were going out for the weekend and then they left. Me and Matt lay together naked. He had been home alone for the weekend too. We spooned for a while then he slowly rubbed my c*** with his c*** until we were f****** again. We both came and finally stopped, although Matt just fingered me. After we were done we went downstairs naked with a blanket and watch a hot movie and made out furiously AGAIN. His dad called his phone and he relectunanly pulled away. He told him he was fine and then we went back to making out. We stopped after a couple minutes and fell asleep on the couch cuddling and spooning. He stayed at my house that Saturday and it was the best time of my life. He kept trying to f*** me again but I was too sore from the day before. He just ate me out and kissed me again.

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  • Did he f*** ur ass

  • Had u ur p**** shaved

  • Yes

  • What length was he

  • Was it thick could he repeat

  • Yes and Yes

  • He was 8"

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