First b******

I am the most inexperienced person within my friend group when it comes to s**/sexual things. I told myself that this year that was going to change. There's this guy that has been trying to get me to do stuff with him for years. I would always tell him no knowing his intentions. Well, today I was home and bored. He texted me asking me how I was, for he hasn't texted me in weeks. I told him I was well & he asked if I wanted to hang out. I agreed & he asked to watch a movie when he got to my house. I said we couldn't because everyone was home. He asked if we could sit in my car; I agreed. He finally got to my apartment complex ,and we went to sit in the car. We began having small talk before he grabbed my thigh and asked what I wanted to do. I told him I didn't know & was starting to get nervous. He noticed & asked if I was nervous. I confessed that I was. He then started asking me questions like "Are you a virgin?", "what's the farthest you've gone?", and "have you seen a d*** before?" I said I haven't. He asked if I wanted to see one. I agreed & he said "well are you going to take it out?" I explained that I didn't know what I was doing and that I was really nervous. He then took his d*** out, and I commented on the size. He was probably 7 inches. He then asked if I wanted to touch it. I did and began jacking him off. He then told me to put my mouth on it. I rejected, but he convinced me saying that no one would know. I then went down on him but kept stopping every so often to check if anyone was coming. At first I accidentally scraped his shaft with my teeth but I eventually got the hang of it. I started getting into it & was bobbing my head up and down and swirling my tongue around his head. I was going deeper and deeper and started gagging a little. I then started at the base of his shaft and licked it to the very tip of his d***. I knew I was doing something right because he moaned and said "keep doing that." I continued giving him head and he said "look at me when you do it." This kind of p***** me off, but it turned me on at the same time. I look up at him and my eyes begin to water. I stop looking at him and kept sucking. I eventually tasted his precum. I told him not to come in my mouth because it was my father's car and I didn't want to risk me spitting it out. He begged, but I refused. He then told me to unbutton my pants. He asked me if I had ever been fingered before. I said yes. He then put his hands in my pants and began rubbing my p**** outside of my panties. He asked if I like that. I said I did, and he then moved to inside my underwear and began rubbing my c*** and fingering me. He told me to grab his d*** while I was doing this and I did so. I began jacking him off while he fingered me, but I stopped him because my neighbor was staring at us. We sat there for about 5 minutes before my neighbor went inside. I began sucking his d*** again, and he pushed my head down and I gagged. I told him not to do that( I had just eaten and did NOT want to throw up). He stopped and I continued sucking. It then was getting late and I said I had to somewhere to be. He said okay. We got out of the car and he told me to text him. He never came & I feel bad, but I definetely want to do it again.

Aug 29, 2016

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  • Its simple just tak off ur panties tak boys c*** n ur hand put lub on it let him put it n no need to tel him 2 pul out he wil do so anyway

  • S** and love are not the same thing, you need to know the difference.

  • Honestly it's fun to explore. My best friend sucked me a month ago and she enjoyed it. she wanted to show me how much she cares for me. I honestly love her so much and she knows

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