4 Nipples

I have 4 nipples... yes, 4, not 3 like some other guys. And, in fact, my doctor says I may have up to 8 though the others have not surfaced. About 10% of all guys have at least one extra nipple (polythelia). I have been self-conscious about this my entire life. Even when I was a kid, I was afraid to take my shirt off because I just knew one of the other kids was going to say something. I feel like I lived in hiding all those years. Even my older sisters would taunt me and call me "4" to get me riled up.

I got the extra two removed as soon as I turned 18 and could pay the plastic surgeon on my own. I don't regret that choice at all.

Unfortunately, since it is a s**-linked trait, my nephews are cursed with the same condition. Even now it's very uncomfortable to talk about!

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  • For some reason I found that hot and if you have sensitive nipples that'd be amazing.

  • Actually that sounds kinda hot to me. I'm a girl and I have really sensitive nipples. I can o***** just from someone sucking and pinching them. Maybe that's why I find find it hot? Lol just be yourself dude. Let the nipples be free.

  • I hav 3 b****

  • That's actually pretty cool. Does it make you more fertile? Honest question BTW I'm not trolling. Just seems interesting.

  • I am so sorry....being different in such a way is very life altering :(

  • Just be yourself gorgeous and find some who loves you

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