Want Smaller B******

I need a breast reduction. I'm 5'0" (around 138 lbs) and my b****** are large for my height...DDD. My bra size is a 32DDD. It's hard to find the right size bra and at times my back feels a bit strained. I have lost a lot of weight over the last few years. When I first started losing weight I was wearing a 38C, then went down to a 36D to 34DD and now to a 32DDD. Of course, I have found some bra's in the 34DD that are ok. My shoulders have grooves in them from the weight of my b******. Running in certain sports bra's don't happen because it is too painful to run unless I wore more than one sports bra. I do have a couple of sports bras that are more supportive. I'd love to get a breast reduction (plus lipo for the side b***) and be a nice C cup, maybe a D cup, but mostly a C cup. Well, anything smaller than I am now would be great. One of my biggest fears is loss of sensation in my nipples. My nipples are super sensitive and are great ways to get me h****...real fast.

Not only do I think that I would feel better physically if I got a breast reduction, but I also feel like guys would be more interested.

Aug 29, 2016

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  • My 5'0" ex girlfriend had a breast reduction, I forget what she was before (it was before we dated, but I saw pictures), had difficulty finding bras and shirts like you, and back pain, and she came down to 32B, she was very beautiful. She didn't mention anything about loss of sensation in her nipples, but she was always very aroused when I played with them.

  • I hate having to wear bras. Candi

  • Ur fine get man who likes to put p**** b tween

  • Big b**** small b**** medium b**** they're all good

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