For a long time now i've been taking s**** in random places, like in sinks in public bathrooms in mcdonalds, burgerking etc, garbage cans in doctors office, stair cases in my job, once i took a s*** on bus going home, it was empty just me and i was sitting in the back of the bus, on peoples door knobs outside there homes.
One time i took a s*** in a paper bag and smeared it all over a really expensive car, i think i was a brand new range rover.
This other time i took a s*** in a paper bag and left it under a table at a really expensive and busy restaurant and sat right across from it just to see the expression in peoples face as they wondered what smelled so bad.
My brother got really angry with me the other night because i took a s*** in his gym bag and he discovered it when he was done working out at the gym, everyone at the gym thought it was him that smelled so bad because he takes his bag everywhere he goes with him.
I just really like taking a s***, is there something wrong with me?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • lol. you're a "p*** bandit" :D

    you are a weird person get some help

  • yea thats pretty f***** up your not talking about the bushes or some random night in vegas but i agree BS

  • wow man

    intenet hero

    good job

  • BS

  • Eww that is disguting but funny lol

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