You men are so!

I met a guy online, and then in person. He was nice looking. We shared drinks, and conversation. We parted ways. He was nice, but I didn't think he was into me. I was ok with that, and mentally moved on. Before I even got 5 minutes away from the restaurant he texted me to tell me I was sexy.

So, we hang out a few more times, and we have s*x. He's kinky and I like that.

Then, the messages kind of drop off. I don't pursue him, since he seems otherwise busy/uninterested. No big deal.

But, then he keeps periodically messaging me. I never message him first. I am not into games, but I also don't chase men that don't show an indication of interest. So, I decided to call a spade a spade and let him off the hook - just in case he feels obligated to occasionally message since we did have s*x. I told him that he seems busy and I am busy at times as well, and he doesn't seem all that into me, and that's ok.

He comes back with "That's not true, and I really want to see you again."

Probably he just wants s*x, but he is nice looking he could get s*x from lots of women (and probably is). He doesn't need me. I've made it extremely easy for him to walk away guilt free (not that there was ever any reason for guilt). I was very up front that I don't want a bed buddies situation.

Any men care to tell me what they think is going on here?

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  • You're a booty call. That's it. Not complicated.

  • Don't be a booty call.
    If you like him,make him work to get into your panties.Don't dish it out and serve it on a platter,for him.
    Your goodies and yourself,
    deserve more respect,than that.

    If you want to flip the situation round,text him before he texts you,on random occasions and use him as a booty call.Be the one in charge and suggesting thi,instead of waiting for him to text you.That way,if he tries to ascertain control and text you back,suggesting s**,say no lol reverse psychology is fantastic!! Have s** with him on your terms,not his.

  • Meh...I think I am gonna just cut him loose. He can get p*ssy anywhere he likes, and c*ck isn't hard for me to get either. I would prefer someone that has time and interest in f*cking me regularly and going and doing other fun things too.

  • Come to suitable arrangement meet whn u want c*** he want p****

  • I'm not a man, but it's pretty clear - he likes you enough to call you for s**. It's definitely no strings with you since you don't initiate contact or want to do anything else with him. But, do you want something more from him? If you're okay with the occasional call for s**, then it is what it is. If you want more, you may not get more from him and it's best to lose the guy's number and move on.

  • Just hook up every once in a while and date other ppl

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