I've had s** with Escorts

So back in California for the longest time I wanted to lose my virginity, and having the most horrible luck with women I did the unthinkable and called an escort, I've tried to do so before but I always choked until that one time in California. She's a BBW Escort, and while awkward as it was it was nice, she used a condom when we tried to have s** but I couldn't really feel using the condom when being inside her and she wouldn't without it, which is understandable. Though I felt her mouth on my bare member and man did it feel good, I even fulfilled my fantasy of putting it between her large b******, I didn't release as much as I thought I would but as awkward as it was it was nice, I just wish I had another session with her before I left for Kentucky deep down, however that would all change when I called an escort in my new state...

About a few weeks after I moved I called around to find an escort near me and did in this petite beauty for an outcall, however the taxi picking her up was not great to her so I had to come to her (no pun intended). In return however I got to spend time with not only her but her younger sister as well for an hour. I was very nervous but it was so hot having them both give me a BBBJ, then the big sister put her condom on me and took me on top, sliding her very tight p**** down on my c***. Unlike in California I felt how hot and tight she was as she rode me while I made out with her sister and sucked her t***, I came rather quick but plentiful in the condom. Afterwards she had to run an errand so I spend the rest of the time getting sucked on by her sister, I wish I popped for her but couldn't give out anymore, in hindsight I wish I took her offer to do a*** but was VERY nervous about that. We hugged and that was that for now, however I had a taste and that egged me on in my mind and desires. I needed to fulfill my fantasy and desire as risky as it is, at that point only Big Sister was working by herself at that point and set a date for a night over a month later...

My desire? I wanted to have Bareback S**, I wanted it more then anything else and more...I wanted to c** inside her p****, that was my fantasy ever since I was young to have Raw S**, to have my c*** pulse and twitch inside a woman and release my seed deep inside...thankfully for me she offered it. Now I know what all of you are thinking on how stupid it is and how I shouldn't do that, that I shouldn't take her word that she gets regularly tested, however I could tell deep that she told me the truth, she is around her early 30s and doesn't bull. She's all heart and to be honest I really like her, I know that's stupid to crush on an escort but I just can't have s** with people I don't have an emotional attachment, I know I'm weird but let me go on.

So, we met and she recognized me, we hugged and talked, we got ready and since I was a returning customer, she trusted me as I told her I'm clean, that I don't really have s**. So Bareback and A*** we're available, a dangerous combo but still I couldn't resist her. We fooled and played around, I went down on her too, I wasn't as shy about that as I thought I would be and rather enjoy it actually, kissing her thighs, licking them with her deepest parts that my short, wide tongue could go, but I couldn't take it anymore, I told her I needed to have her. I was really nervous, however she then told me I can do whatever I want...and that her tubes were tied...I lost my inhibitions after that. It felt so good and tight, so hot, wet, I f***** her somewhat slowly but I had barely any control over myself, I lasted quite awhile for my real first time, being inside her bare p****. Eventually I told her that I was close and I asked her where to c**, inside me...oh thank you so much, I want to come inside you. I lost my mind and pound her faster and faster until I fulfilled my fantasy, I came inside her. It was incredible, she grind her hips with me on top of her, I saw my seed ooze out of her. it was wonderful. Me being a rather husky guy I'm glad there we're no problems, was really worried if I was too heavy on top of her but it turns out I can hold my weight quite well during s**.

Anyway after clean up and cuddling I felt a little bit down but I got in the mood for round two, her on top of me I slowed my pace and asked her if I can do her in her ass, that too was bareback...and yes I came in her ass too, No control, just pure pleasure and no inhibitions. It's been months but I want to see her again, maybe even have s** with her sister. But I want Big Sister, I still think about her and want to see her soon, I'm on a slope I know but until then I'm going to relieve myself till then, I can't wait to see her again my little petite crush and her soft big ass, as a person she is sweet and amazing, I'd want her if I could but hey, I'm weird like that. Later Perverts! XD


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  • Please don't do the ass bare. If it weren't for bareback ass f******, the world probably wouldn't know about HIV. The ass is nasty in there with blood, feces, and digestive juices.

  • That's definitely how you catch something! What a dumb ass!

  • Yeah never done that again afterwards, that was a stupid mistake on my part, didn't get anything mind you I got checked just to be sure.

  • They are just 4 f******

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