Im such a s*** and noone knows

Im 18 and im going off to uni soon, but for few months i have been having s** with three older men in their late forties and early fifties, and not seperatley, ALL AT THE SAME TIME! we meet up once or twice a week, sometime i have s** with one after another and sometimes they all have s** with me at the same time, its a major secret and nobody knows apart from them and me, my friends would think its disgusting, but their old wrinkled, hairs bodies all over mine it such a turn on, i have only ever c** with them, and they have even made me squirt, problem is, im going off to uni so i wont be able to continue these amazing s** sessions

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  • Forget about s** while at uni. Just focus on your study. What? Ok, it's a tall order!

  • I love that there are girls out there like you

  • I hope im not the only 1

  • Its ur p**** do as u wish

  • I plan to

  • Ul find plenty of men wherever u go u should b getting paid no w**** should work free

  • It dont feel like work, if it was i doubt itll feel so good xx

  • Every place u go men will follow u s**** like u are always n demand

  • Very good to know

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