Dumped because of p**** size

I've just been dumped for the second time because of my p**** size. Surely women can't be that superficial. I'm 3 inches soft and 4 inches hard. I know that's a little less than average but all girls I've been with have c** at least once every 5/6 times we've had s**.

The first time I was dumped, she had a black ex-boyfriend, so I think I did pretty well to keep her satisfied for 8 months. She was honest and said that although s** was good, she just wasn't 100% fulfilled and needed that extra length and girth to blow her mind. Given she had black c*** before me I could understand. She wanted me to get an extender to add 4 inches in length and 2 in girth but I refused as it would feel too fake and it's not me. She understood and we agreed it was best to split.

My most recent ex was 18 (I'm 30) and had on,y f***** one guy before. Even though I was smaller, my experience kept her entertained and there were no problems until she went to a s** shop with her friends and they all bought huge d*****, she got a 9 inch big thick arm like d****. She loved me watching her f*** herself with it and then trying to f*** her stretched p**** after. I could see this only going one way so I gave up my principles and bought a p**** extender, it wasn't quite as big as her d**** but she enjoyed me f****** her. Now she wants a "real man with a real c***".

What's happened??? Years ago my d*** was no issue, now my 18yr old super tight p**** ex-girlfriend wants a 9 inch fat c*** inside her so her p**** is gaping open like a cave.

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  • I don't think size matter but then again I'm religious and s** scares me

  • You sound odd

  • I'm the OP, problem is they're used to having o****** from penetration, so it was always a struggle for me. I used it as best as I could but ultimately it wasn't enough.

  • Size doesn'r really matter. It's how you use it that counts.

  • U cant use what u havnt got

  • Lying d******* yet again. Why bother pretending to be the OP?

  • You need to look for other issues. I doubt that it is the c*** that they don't like.

  • It was my c*** r lack of it

  • Lying d******* c*** again

  • Dont blame the girl despite what they say size is all important and ur not in

  • Thanks atleast ur honest

  • Wtf?! You must be the same lying d******* c*** pretending to be the OP again.

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