I owned you! you stuck up b****!

Whats a f****** day i have had! wrote two other posts on here previous, you dint have to go back far to find them, about this woman im seing and her stuck up gobby s*** of a daughter!
i had me some filthy s** today!
so started off this morning, next to the woman im seeing, had some morning s** with her, took the mother from behind and filled that old tart up with my morning load, she left for work at 8, her 25yo daughter kept me waiting, ment to b at mine for 10 but was over an hour late, gave me some s*** about how this was a one off thing and im to delite the pics in front her after, i pointed out that she wasnt dressed up for me so deals off, she then paniced and begged me and promiced me, so i let her shoot off back home and to b fair to her she came back looking pretty much the same but then took her jeans off, took her coat off and and pulled out some stilettos from her bag, stood in front me in stilletos, fishnet hold ups, pvc topped, pvc garter n undies, was really f***** hard now, the b**** rhen snarled at me saying lets get this over with, first thing i did was have her on her knees rammed my c*** in her big gon and f***** her mouth as hard as i could grabbing her hair in tuffs, same c*** that had been in her mother few hours before! pulled her bra n thong off, threw her onto the couch spread thous slutty legs and she was dripping wet, fingered her for abit, she wven had cheek to ask me to put a rubber on, no chance, my c*** straight in her wet c***, nice n tighter than her mothers, shaven too, but not as tight as id want it, dirty s*** has obviosuly been around, i slapped her, spat at her, twisted her nipples, nice firm t*** too, slapped my c*** between them and f***** her t******, bent her over and pounded her from behind for awhile before sliping my finger up her s******, not long after my c*** followed, banging her behind up the a*** he phone rang, it was he bf, i made her answer it for the thrill, she actaully spoke to her bf while i was f****** her up the a***, well i decided to push my luck further, i pulles out, walked round to her face and rammed my d*** in her mouth, straight from her a*** to her mouth, she tryed to resist n spit me out, but i held her head as i heard her boyfriend bleeting on about some s***, she managed to wriggle free and she got off the fone, called
me a nasty c*** as i wanking my c*** i grabbed her face and as she called me a digusting arsehole i shot my load all over her slutty b**** face as i held her still, she then thought it was over hut as i sat back on the couch smoking a rollie, i told her to come bk over to me and she did, before i knew it ahe had my c*** in her mouth again and i was hard again, and again i f***** her in the s****** while fingering her p****, this went on for awhile till the sirty cow came too, shes a squirter i tell you and a screamer, it shot across the room as she rode me, but i didnt stip f****** her, all with ny j*** still on her face, as i came close to cuming again she asked me not to c** in her so what did i do? i pulled it outa her ass, straight into her p**** while facing her, my whole body weight on her pinning her down as i filled her dirty c*** with my j***,
she called me a p**** and a c*** again but it was now 2 in afternoon and i was done, she got changed, asked if i would delite the pics and i told her i would delite some, shes gota earn them all to het delited, didnt really get much protest so obviously the b**** wants a good f****** again, must f***** her better than her boyfriend, just gota find out when shes next off work again haha

Sep 1, 2016

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  • U need to push that b**** to the limit, sounds like she took your f****** with ease, u need to up the game

  • Couldnt agree more bud, what you have in mind?

  • Did the heels and latex stockings stay on all way through?

  • Heels stayed most time but came off somewhen towards the end, all i know is she left them here, and stockings were more like holds ups with latex top to them, yea they stayed on all the way to the end, she even wore them home

  • If she has one set underwear like that, she has more

  • My thoughts exactly, my next goal is to f*** her in the same boots she was wearing in one the pics i still have!

  • Yes he may be uneducated but he seems to be getting his end away

  • Damm straight

  • Wow you're uneducated

  • Im doing just fine in life mate

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