I suck men off on the internet

I talk and meet with guys through the internet, I am a teen but end up sucking off 40yo men, am I the only one?

Sep 2, 2016

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  • In the USA, it's a law that you must inform them

  • Nope I do it too. About 8 years ago I found out I was HIV positive so oral is good for me. The men don't know and sometimes they want s**. I give it to them because you don't always get it from girl to boy. I have had s** with well over 900 men. If they get it or got it, they can get on men's and it's ok because no one dies from it.

  • Are you for real!!? Seriously!! You could still pass your HIV by oral s**!!! If you need me to explain the "hows" and so forth, you're more stupid and ignorant, than I think!!

  • Nope, i do simular too! im a 23yo girl and if i was a guy it would be acceptable socailly so i just keep quiet about it xxx

  • Nope. I am bipolar, and years ago, I was addicted to meeting hot men online and having s** with them. I was also a prostitute, and had many clients! I am female, not that it matters. If you are having fun and not hurting anybody, then go for it. It gets a little unfair if your married, or have a gf. I am an addict, and was sober at the time of my rendezvous, and I think that's why my s** addiction came to the forefront. Nobody's perfect. Just practice safe s**! I did catch herpes and a nasty strain of hpv that almost caused cervical cancer! Luckily, the herpes doesn't show, and never has. I always used condoms...but you can still catch std's even when you use them. Sucks...

  • What does your bipolar have to do with anything? Not unless, being bipolar was the reason for you being, overly promiscuous in your past.

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