A girl with big b**** and sexy p****

Am a girl and am crazy about s**... my b**** are big that sometimes it make me wish i could f*** myself....i wish to have multiple men f****** me at same time... one sucking my right brest .. another pressing my left...another rolling his lips on my neck..another licking my p****....i always imagine a man with bigger c*** f*** me...nd i want to shout aaaaaaaahhhhhhhaaaaa .... i lost my virginity whn i was 15... i was raped by someone i liked... i hated it when it happend... but later whn i thought about it i liked it... coz he didnt hurt me... he gave me pleasure... frm then am crazy about s**....i wanna go wild all the time....my ass... its another plus...my p**** is perfectly carved... s** gives pleasure.... am typing this with a s** toy inside my p**** now.. comment if i let u hav s** with me then how will u want to do it....

Sep 6, 2016

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  • Let's email to get more details

  • If you grew a long d*** with tennis ball sized testes and a hard thick shaft would you f*** yourself, or someone else first. Would it be a man or a woman and someone close or a stranger

  • U sound great enjoy urself

  • If f*** you long and hard every way possible

  • S** is the most pleasurable thing we can do I love it too

  • Yes it is

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