Your throat is mine you stuck up b****

Im writing this while sat in the same room as you, your boyfriend and your mother, (iv wrote on here before, "your mine, stuck up b**** etc) right now we are all sat on couch watching tv but an hour ago your dumb ass boyfriend drove your nother out to kfc to go get us some food, idiots, guys i pulled her to her knees she pulled my c*** out and i face f***** her as hard as i could, halfway through i pulled her by the hair onto the couch, turned her upside down with her pretty face hanging ober the edge and f***** her slutty fuckhole mouth,watching the bulge in her throat till i held her down as i made her deep throat me whole, and i shot my load past her mouth n in her throat, she gagged, choked, coughed but once again her hand was down her jeans getting herself off, i still have a wet patch on my shorts, and she even kissed her dumbass boyfriend when they got back, now as we all sit here with stomach full of kfc, its hot knowing that stuck up b**** has a layer of my mayo in her stomach too

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  • What was she wearing at time?

  • Tank top and tight jeans, her ass looked good in them, also pair brown boots

  • Were they heeled?

  • No flats but still hot, got more stories to come

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