I have a tiny d*** and I'm proud

I'm maybe 1 inch soft and 3-3-5 inches (8cm) hard and I don't care. Yes I'm tiny, yes it's also skinny, yes it's not long but it's what I have and I love it.

An ex-girlfriend got me into humiliation. Used to tease me constantly, go f*** other guys and send me pics of their d**** etc. One time she had a guy over and invited me round to hold a real d***. It was a little f***** up but so humiliating and fun. She loved being a Domme, treated me like her slave but rewarded me with blow jobs, foot jobs and a***.

Never met a girl like her, so now when I go home with a girl, always lights off (which they usually like) lots of fingering and then put my d*** in them and wait for them to tell me to f*** them or ask is it in yet? This drives me wild and usually makes me c** which really p***** them off! Sometimes I'll whip it out just to see the look of disgust on their face or get their help putting a condom on. When it's too loose and not staying on, it drives me wild. Also nothing better than getting with a girl whose cheating on her boyfriend to realise she's cheating with a tiny d***. Haha. Stupid s****.

I love going to nude beaches on holiday and alway set my beach towel by a group of women or well hung men. I get so many looks and sniggers as people walk past. I've had quite a few comments of abuse, even from guys. I love it! And some girls love to take photos lol

Feel free to abuse & insult me here too!

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  • HAHA tiny weener

  • Your laughter is cruel but now I have precum all over my boxers.

  • I also have a tiny d*** , lets have a nice tiny d*** to tiny d*** c*** fight

  • We'd literally be lying on top of each other then. Why don't we try to tag team a girl?

  • I'd love to let you suck my 8 half inch c*** while you wear your pink panties I'd feed you my c*** with out any lube up your bum !!!

  • Oh I want to compare my tiny p**** next to your huge d***. I've never sucked a d*** but I'll start by stroking your d***, if you want me to suck you'll need to force me. How will you do this? If a woman was dominating me I'd do as she commanded me too, never been dominated by a guy. Your huge d*** clearly means I'll be your b**** though. I'll have no choice but to take you in my mouth.
    How did you know about my panties?? You want to take my a*** virginity???

  • Just to add to my story, it's mega hot when you go back to a girl's place and when we're undressing, she notices I'm wearing bright pink panties lol

    One girl went crazy, pulled them down, screamed at me when she saw my "loser d***" and then punched it! I kinda liked it so I took the opportunity and said she can get revenge by kicking my b****, she said I'd probably love it and I replied so would she. So I'm kneeling on the floor, pink panties around my ankles and she kicked me several times in the b****! I actually came from the excitement! She got mad and fed me my own c**! Then she forced me to eat her p**** until she came a few times. We meet up every now and again. One time I had a bra and panties set with stockings on under my clothes, this was so hot. She asked me to wear it again and she had invited a guy round for me to watch f*** her. Then she made me undress to the lingerie and stockings and suck his d***. That was not so enjoyable at the time. The next time I sucked him off so good and he came all over my d*** which was amazing!

  • You tiny f****** maggot c*** why don't you chop it off and become a woman

  • Oohh that's a new one, never been told to chop it off. I though it's like a big c***, I do cross dress on occasion as my d*** doesn't bulge in panties

  • If i had ur d*** id p*** n my pants

  • Well my d*** is pretty sensitive so I've c** in my pants a few times

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