Faked being drunk to get f*****

I hav a hot friend and i always wanted him to f*** me... but i couldn't ask him directly... so one day after a party i moved onto him pretending to be drunk...he cant take me to my home this way so he took me to his apparent.. he tucked me in his car...i wore a short skirt nd a tight top..i removed few buttons on my shirt...popped my breast out a little...when he open the car door to get me out.. i was lying on the back seat with my legs wide open .... showing my p**** nd big b****... no man could resist my sexy cuts... to my wonder he took his phone nd clicked few pics..then he pulled me out...i made sure that my bursty b**** traced him in all places possible...he lifted me up...the way he pressed my hip said me that i made him fall for me..he put me on bed...i opend my legs again to make sure not to miss the oppertunity...he came over me... pressed my b**** and moved his c*** over me with his dress... then he moved away and sat near me for a while... before i wondered what is happening he carried me to the shower...he removed all my dress and his...then i understood he want me to play some part...so after a while being gained conscious..i saw him...he saw me then he started kissing me..preasing my b****...sucking it..grabbing my ass...i grabbed his c***...we went wild ... he carried me to bed... spread my legs...started sucking my p**** while pressing my b****...he went deep and i shouted ahhsss hmmmm ohhhhhhhhhh aahhh hmmmaaahhhh hh hhha hh aaaaaaaahhh...then he came up rubbed my body by his ..widened my legs..launched his c*** deep inside me and he hit me hard over nd over again.. he is not sexy just my looks he is sexy in his s** roles too...he kept f****** me for long...he pressing my b****....tighest press..the way he sucked...he is the greatest sucker...he bite my body all over by his lips...it was such a night... he ejected inside my p****... and it didnt end by then... he f***** me hard 3 more times... doggi style was the best...he held me ass...occationally pressed my breast and hit me hard...after that day we had s** many times but that day was the best


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  • I pretend to be drunk a lot.. guys get a lot more bold when they think you are to post. Candi

  • I'd like to talk to you some candi

  • Good girl clever

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