S** with other guys

So my boyfriend ( Fiance ) has admitted to me that he wants to watch me have s** with other guys. Even possibly two at a time. He said it is his biggest fetishist and he really wants me to do it.

He said he doesn't want to wear condoms and he doesn't care if they c** in me even though I'm not currently in birth control.

He said he can set one up as soon as the weekend if I'm willing to do this for him. We already have really good s** so should I do this?

He says he isn't worried about us and thinks this will make our bond stronger.

So should I give in? It does sound kind of hot but I just dunno. Anyone else have advice on this or been through this?

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  • This fetish of his is seldom healthy for a relationship. There is a very small percentage of relationships that can stay intact long-term with this dynamic. Quite frankly, it sounds like he just likes seeing you being used, and is using you for that purpose. Also, don't get preggers. You sound to immature.

  • The turn on is seeing your wife/girlfriend being sexually pleaseed more by two hung guys than he can do. The turn on is that you may prefer one of them to him. The turn on is they could get you pregnant and he'll raise the kid knowing he's a little b**** for letting another guy get you pregnant. He knows you're better than him and by doing this he's putting you on a higher ground than him.

  • Your fella needs to be careful what he wishes for I had a similar experience with my ex wife hence the ex now. she preferred one of the other people as he was bigger and younger so we broke up and after 7 months her new fella split up with her, be careful.

  • Do it. I have done same thing it is awesome

  • He is weird so I think you must seriously consider dropping him and getting you a man who appreciates what he has.

  • The condom thing, with you being on the pill is an issue as u could get knocked up n he can then bail! insist on condoms or get yourself on the pill, if ur not i cam only assume u are young, and hopefully not too young

  • He dont love u he just wants a s*** dump him and get a guy who wil cherish and love u 2much 2 share u

  • R u hairy

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