I want my wife to f*** other guys

I really want my ex wife/ girlfriend to get a boyfriend, and tell me about it. I dont think im satisfying her, and i want a manly guy to c** in her,so badly.
I am gone most weekends, and hope she will go out with her friends, and find a hot guy to f***.
I want her to stop f****** me, and start being a s***.
Nothing turns me on more. I even though about stopping our s** together, to get her to go out and find a guy.
Im content to be the sissy boy,and tell her i like other men to nut in her. I am bisexual, and want to tell her that, too.
I think she knows i like guys, but i want to tell her so bad, and my friends. I want her to laugh and call me a sissy, so bad, and get f***** by other men

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  • I'm 60 with a fat 8" c***

  • OK so how serious about this are you?

  • Very serious. I think about it all the time. I want her to have a boyfriend.

  • Find a guy for her. There are websites for it. She doesn't even have to know. He can have an affair with her and tell you all about it and then sleep with you as well. Bonus

  • I've suggested it, but I wish she would do it

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