Stuck up b**** aint getting away from me

So she thought shes get away with not telling me (my partners stuck up daughter who i am now f******) that she was off work today, whoops her mother dropped her in it, saying that she is picking her up and they are going shopping at 11oclock, well i made my excuses, gave my partner 40quid told her to buy something nice and made my way round her 25yo daughter house where he dumbass bf was at work, i knew she was home alone, i arrived knocked the door and told her that she is guna b late to pick up her mother! the b**** moaned and tryed again telling me what is what and what i cant do, i shut her up again but having my c*** ramming down her throat! she was almost ready to leave and was fully dressed in skirt white top n some high heeled sandels that ended up on my shouders as i f***** her face on, legs opened wide, skirt up legs spread as i plowed my c*** deep into her on her own couch! i finished my banging her up the a*** over the side the couch as she rubbed her p**** she started to c** as she loved it and that made me c** too, shooting my load up her arsehole, i thought that be it for the day but remembered she would drop her mother home and sure enough i waited and she came in, i had planned to get her mother out the way and as they sat down for a cup of tea i ran my partner a bath, sure enough she accepted and went up for a bath as he daughter didnt leave as i thought she might, i came downstairs to find her waiting, she asked how many pics i had delited and i told her 1 for each time she makes me c** so she has alot to go yet, sure enough she was sucking my d*** again on my couch this time, her mother upstairs, while pulling her knickers to one side i noticed all the c** stains from earlyer that day, dirty b**** had been out and about all day with my c** still in her a***, i f***** her doggy again but this time in her c*** andthis time i filled her p**** with my thick s****! dirty b**** went home to her dumbass boyfriend with two of my loads in two of her holes! i loved it, even managed to f*** my partner that night aswell, at 53 iv still got it

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  • Proper trooper there mate keep it up

  • F****** right i will! its been too long i need that b**** swinging on my d*** again

  • Did u lick her panties

  • Na but u could smelt my stale s**** in em

  • So obviously fake. But hey, if making s*** up gets you off, why not?

  • Call it fake all u like? i dont give a s*** i know its for real

  • Seems your pushing your luck not her limits, how much more you going to ask from her?

  • Not sure but guna make it last as long as i can, not hearing too many complaints from her thou so f*** knows

  • This is going to end bad!

  • Could do yea, h*** if it does im just walkin away haha

  • If it is true, u r truely some slimey scumbag!

  • Cheers mate! haha

  • Fake

  • Say what you want! its happenening to me, and i know its true, so f*** ya all!

  • You're pathetic. If you're going to make up stories to try to convince yourself that you've "still got it" at least try to make them believable.

  • Ha making it up? na i dont think so! jelious f******

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