Rap is for stupid people.....p diddy has 350 million yet his lyrics sound like a kid wrote them no talent

Sep 9, 2016

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  • Trap will take over that genre less crap lyrics ....

  • Yup! Rap / hip hop has, was, and always will be for stupid people.

  • Rock. Oh yeah. Type O Negative.

  • Commenter. Why are you so not-
    liking ? Country music. Some music
    Country is ok. I wouldn't mention
    any singers names but if you haven't
    heard (based on your comment) you
    Shouldn't be with Negative tell about

  • And country music will always be for hillbilly's who f*** family members. Rock will always be for self loathing stones, etc. Way to go with the ignorant stereotypes. Keep it going. Idiot.

  • Hang out in da club much??

  • Even f****** country takes more skill to create than the great f****** majority of rap......mabye learn a f****** instrument....

  • LOL sure, whatever makes you feel better. You're harp I about instruments. Do you play any? Can you put together melodies and beats? Again get off your high horse d*********. No genre is more "artistic" than any other. It's subjective.

  • I'm not the one on the high horse it's these ghetto ass monkeys flashing their money that dumb f**** like u gave them

  • ;) yes its called learning.......keep defending a 99 percent crap genre......anyone can make a catchy beat on a synth.....

  • Rap sucks and so does most country music and pop music sucks as well. R&B is good and jazz along with Christian contemp.

  • Commenter ? Comment one down.
    Rap was likely "created" made,
    Invented by Blacks and is, always was
    uncomprehendible to me. But it's
    only stupid, annoying, ignorant so-cal
    "music"( it's really not) for the blacks
    only majority, specifically for them
    and any other ignorant people that
    Really don't have taste in music. Real
    music is anything except Rap, Blues,
    R and B, Soul, Pop, and any other ignorant kind of stuff. That is my
    Opinion. I would like to think that I
    have taste in music. What music
    Really is. What it's not is the few
    kinds mentioned in this comment.

  • Correction, rap NOW days sucks. Old school rap was meaningful and artistic. I agree w/ R&B and Jazz being good. Christian Contemp as well.

  • If u truly enjoy rap u must be at fifth grade level good job ur a special little guy

  • Agree. I do because if everyone liked
    The same things we would all have
    Something in common. Not everyone
    Does Also if everyone were the same
    (my thought) We wouldn't be any
    Different and the world would be a
    Very dull place now wouldn't it. So everyone likes different things which
    Makes us all Unique.

  • If you truly took the time out of your life to bash someone for liking something different than you, then you sir need to go live in a hobbit hole for the rest of your days. Or jump off a bridge. I prefer the second option for you :)

  • There's a word I don't enjoy "Comment"

  • Dude that's like every f****** person on this site who the f*** asked u to put ur comment up either

  • Funny how you can group a whole people who like a certain genre and call them idiots but when you get name called you get butt hurt. I'd you can't take it don't dish it.

  • Butt hurt ur the one that loves rap and is p***** that it's just soooo easy to make fun of Mabye try playing and instrument and then maybe you'll have perspective

  • Commenters.Ha ha ha...funny. The
    words "back and forth" my first thought was two men together (you
    Know what I mean)

  • Not even going to go back and forth with you. You like what you like and other people like what they like. Instead of bashing others how about focus on playing those instruments you speak of? Maybe you wouldn't be so hateful.

  • That's all u been doing is going back and forth;)

  • He must not be too stupid because he still has more money than you! Somebody sounds jealous and angry. Take that energy and go make some money instead of hating on other peoples shine.

  • Money doesn't equal intelligence ex trump ......

  • I know that. I just find it stupid that OP is wasting his energy hating on a music genre and this man who clearly does not give a f about him or his opinion. I like rap but I dislike P Diddy. I do not know him nor do I want to, but I respect that he has gotten as far in his career and there must be something about him that keeps people buying his music. Just because Diddy sucks does not mean all rap music sucks. What's good to one person may not be good to another. There is no need to bash a music genre just because it is not to your liking. And what person now a days uses Diddy as an example of sucky rap anyways? He's been irrelevant.

  • Yeah he's a genius or he's still just leeching biggy maybe the fact he died lol

  • He's leeching off Biggy. Hence why I don't like him. I had more of a problem w/ OP bashing a music genre for no apparent reason. He doesn't have to like it but he should respect that there is talent in all genres. Just because he has no taste for something doesn't make it any less artistic.

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