Hate my B****

I hate that my areaolas are so big and my nipples are small. Most men like small dainty areolas. I have big b**** but I don't like them at all. The funny thing is my nipples are small and only stick out when I'm aroused or cold but they are so sensitive! I've only had a few sexual encounters but with one particular guy he loved sucking them. He would suck and pinch the nipples and it would just drive me crazy. I actually can o***** from this. I wonder why they are so sensitive? I'm not complain or anything because it's awesome when I can actually c** just from nipple stimulation but sometimes I think something is wrong with me. And I hate my b**** so it makes it harder to get the courage up to ask my partners to play with them even though I love it. It also doesn't help that I am chubby but oh well. It's kind of embarrassing.

Sep 9, 2016

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  • You have made my c**** hard and I wanted thinking of you, bet you are gorgeous

  • I will duck them till you come, then your clothes till you cut again

  • Spell check is your friend, Romeo.

  • Meet want not walk

  • I want to walk on them

  • Wow I'd love to f*** you and worship your t***

  • First stop worrying. Men love b****. Some like big, some small.

  • Men will love them and also ur p**** stop worrying

  • Don't let it worry you.

  • Many, many men love large areoles and would REALLY love to suck and pinch and massage your nipples until you were close to losing your mind. I know that because I'm one of those men. Don't hate your b******: just hate the fact that you haven't yet found the right man -- or men -- to tend them.

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