The day I had s** at work

My manager is a 30 year old and well me... I'm young let's just say that. For months we have been flirting and messing around a little but nothing major, about 2 days ago he finally kissed me, the next day he did it again and I went on with it, well last night after I got off I came to visit him while he was closing up everything and after everyone left, we started kissing and he stuck his hand down my pants and I was SOAKED as f*** and he just smiled, he took me to the back office and started by eating me out and then we had s** and it was the best I had ever had. He did everything right! I haven't told no one yet. I had to conffess.

Sep 9, 2016

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  • 30 is young aswell

  • This is a good way to get fired. I now of an incident where two people got caught f****** at work and it was goodbye job.

  • Sounds great. The only thing that may go wrong is that you two work together, and if a problem arises you, not him will have to find another job. Thirty is definitely not old, but to a teenager it really is! I hope you are of legal age!

  • How young? Hopefully over the age of consent...

  • 30, huh? Poor guy's metabolism starting to wind down. Has he got a gut? Starting to bald? Well, soon enough if not already. I mean you said before he's married, so if he's got kids then he looks like a sack of potatoes. Or better question, what's this aging god of a stud doing working the glamorous lifestyle of the inventory counters? Guess it's his ability to count past 10 that brought him this far. Hey, what are you having for lunch? We're serving up a late brunch, up late partying last night. Eggs over easy, couple slices of bacon, toast not too dark, maybe brew another pot of coffee while I check the news... better do some shopping later. Let's see. Bread, milk, two stamps and an envelope. Oh, what am I doing? Writing beter erotica than you.

  • LOL WHAT dude
    she never said he was married and also you cray

  • She made another post a while back. Do a search in the search bar up on the top of the page

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