Never told anyone this, ever! but years ago, i cheated on my bf in a bad way inwas very ashamed of, but now its a fond memory, so i was young and just passed my deiving teat by a few momths and my bf was away on a course, i was very h**** and had no outlet so to speak, i drove out to an area in the forest that me and my bf had visited before (place we had s** in car before) on that time we had a guy pull up and walk over to us, (d*** in hand) so i knew it was a d****** spot and thought what a perfect way to realise and enjoy some no strings s**, when i got there i stopped waited 20mins had a rollie n sure enough a car turned up, he flashed his lights at mine and i flashed back not knowing what i was to expect in was so nervious and almost backed out, he approuch and looked to be in his early 30s and not that bad looking for what i could see, he approched my car window i wound it down and he spoke, (hi how are you etc) asked me if i knew what goes on here, i said yes he said i was the youngest girl hes ever seen out here, etc with that he whipped his d*** out and started wanking it(half soft) i said omg to myself and grabbed it and took over wanking him, with that another car pulled in, he tild me not to worry and that he reconised it, he then asked how much am i up for s** wise? i said all of it, then i had his d*** in my mouth thru the car window, i sucked his d*** for awhile before he opened my door pulled me out snogged me, and began fingering me, my jeans came off and i sat at edge the drivers seat as he went down on me and by then there was two other guys wanking stood around me and my car, he went down on me good ans i got very h****, pretty soon he replaced his tougue with his c*** putting on a condom and lifting me into the back seat f****** me as the two other guys wanked, they were alot older, this then went to me bent over in my back seat with him ducking me from behind and one the older guys c*** in my mouth, the guy f****** me then asked were he could c**, h**** but not stupid i said on my t***, with that he pulled me out the car onto my knees i pulled my top off and undid my bra showing my b**** just as he came all over my b****, then one the other guys who i was sucking off started wanking in my face till he too came a little on my chin but mostly on my b****, it was then i saw he was alot older, the other older guy then askes if he could have a turn, i though he ment c** on my b**** but he pulled me up by the hand and lifted me onto the bonnet facing him, he opened my legs and slide his d*** into me, he was older than my dad and he was f****** me, dispite that, him f****** me actaully made me c**, i didnt even remember the other car or cars turn up but i could see another woman getting f***** in another car and another two guys were around me wanking and watching, i was virtually naked on the bonnet, all i had on was my my bra rouns my waist, along with my big hip belt, knickers to one side, my jeans round one ankle and my boots on, anyway aftwr i came he too came and unknown to me he wasnt wearing a condom, as he pulled out i felt it drool outa me he just looked at me and said dont worry iv has the snip, before i could ever protest one the other guys had taken his place saying somt worry iv got one and ramming his d*** in me too, maybe it was coz i had already c** but he was crap, he didnt last long but he came in me (with the condom on) the last guy just approuch and i said no more s**, he then aaked if he could c** in my face, i reply go on then, and i knelt down as he wanked till he came on my face, it was cold by then and his c** was very very warm and alot of it! he was a sweetheart as he had a oack of wet wipes in his pocket he gave me to clean up,
and that was the time i was a dirty cheater, 7years later nobody else had ever known and i kept it to myself, till now obviously, after i regretted it loads but now? now its a fond memory is that bad?

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  • I would love to see all that happen to my wife

  • Congratulations... you are a worthless c u m dumpster. A life support system for p u s s y. You will have no value greater than the pleasure your filthy body brings to the perverts who treat like a piece of mindless meat.

    If you are happy about this... carry on.

  • What is D******? I must be really slow I don't get it

  • Do u want to do it again?

  • Now i have spoke about and relived it i actually really do want to! yes!

  • Wow I want to join you

  • Get tested u r a high risk w****

  • It was years ago and i have been std test since, im all clear thank you

  • How many guys had you slept with before?

  • Before it has just been my boyfriend

  • So you had 3 of them f*** you that night? had your bf ever fone bareback with you?

  • Yea i did, three older c*** went in me, one without a condom and yes! his c*** was the first to go bare in me and he was the first to c** in me! even if he didnt know

  • How old would u say all yhr guys were?

  • How old would u say all the guys wer?

  • Some mids thirtys id say and the others 40 maybe 50?

  • Did you get off on them being older?

  • Yea abit but more about not knowing them, them being totel strangers

  • Did he have the snip? were u on any protection?

  • He said he was and i never got pregnant, and no i wasnt on the pill or anything else at the time

  • Fertile young p**** filled with c**

  • I guess i was but i never happened

  • How did the c** feel inside you? was it your first creampie? did it stay in you or ooze out?

  • Yes it was, and it felt weird very wet, it did drip out of me yes onto the bonnet although some did somehow end up on my belt but i still had it leaking out of me when i got home

  • Did u enjoy it?

  • At time i didnt know he hadnt been wearing a condom so not really after i almost paniced but got caught up in the moment! after i got myself on the pill and have loved my bf cuming in me ever since

  • How long ago was this and how old are you now?

  • This was back in 2009 and im 25 now

  • So you were 18 at the time?

  • Yea just lol

  • Why regret it? did u not enjoy yourself?

  • Yea i loved it, just i cheated on my bf and felt guilty

  • Hot sweetie, what was your full outfit?

  • From what i can remember, pale blue jeans, boots, hip belt, and over the shoulder top

  • And what you mean by hip belt?

  • It was a big wide oversized belt that hung from my hip, worn it with jeans with buckle to the the side

  • And that stayed on all the way through?

  • Yep pretty much

  • What type boots?

  • Flat knee leather boots

  • Nice I wish it was up this way

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