I want to f*** my friends boyfriend

I want to have s** with my friends boyfriend so bad. he sort of flirts with me a little here and there and I know that he wants me. but I love my friend so much and I can never do that to her but her boyfriend is so f****** hot and she tells me about when they have s** and it sounds so good and one time I went on her phone to send myself photos of me and her and I saw his d*** pics and his d*** is f****** huge. I want to f*** him so bad and I just want him to destroy me and f*** my brains out. but I love her so this is so hard. I can never do that to her but f*** do I want him inside of me sooo bad.

Sep 10, 2016

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  • Ur friend got nothing 2 do with it she wont kno offer urself to him he wont refuse u can still hav ur friend

  • There is nothing wrong about thinking about him--that is natural. But don't s**** up the friendship.

  • Go for the threesome. That's how I've always gotten to have s** with a friend's boyfriend.

  • Tease the idea of a threesome

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