Why a*** bleaching?

I'm not into hardcore p*** but I do like naked ladies (who doesn't?). One thing that trips me out is that some women bleach their a******* so it can match their skin tone. Yeah if your a****** is a little too dark whatever bleach it, but to just have it match the rest of the body's color is stupid. I pay attention to detail. Shout out to all the beautiful ladies who read this by the way.

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  • Well I don't want to blood sacrifice myself just for jesus. that is as bad as preaching killing yourself for mohomand and budda or chiva and karbullah or Allah. etc I want to be in a religion that allows me to live my life to the fullest and best and longest with god and the new testament maybe but in my heart, mind and soul and deeds but I don't love jesus enough to die for him. sorry but I just won't do that for anyone. life is the beanstalk that god wants us to be happy and rich and full of good health and good mental state of mind, he wants us in love and wanting for nothing and having luxury and richness of life in all forms. that is the true god.

    This to me is set up for life. so did I to win at least $10 million cash, 3 units and gold bullion, a beach house and land, 2 cars and a world holiday- nothing less to be set up for live

  • I paid 200 for a... Bleaching then had 2 s*** b4 it was dry ruined it

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