I love kicking boys in their b****

I'm a girl in fifth grade and I love kicking boys in the b****. It's so funny because boys act so tough but you literally just kick them between the legs and they fall on the ground crying. ?? Every boy I've had to fight I've just kicked where it hurts and he's down for the count. It's just so funny to watch. I'm so sick of being told I'm weak for being a girl when boys fall down and cry from a kick there.

Sep 14, 2016

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  • Ok birch the thing is that there area is tender and if not in the wrong area could punches the kidney causing it in to kidney failure then cause a liver disease that will eventually paradise you then slowly kill you when good blocks your throat into a slowly suffication

  • You'd be about the same age as me now! I'm also a girl, but trans. Hope I'm safe from your nut cracking 😅. I'm definitely losing a fight to you

  • But itd be rlly funny to crack yours

  • For real tho, hitting guys in the b**** is the funniest thing

  • It's now over 4 years after your post. I hope you're still kicking boys in their pathetic, weak little b****. When you're older and have children, will you teach your daughters to kick your sons and other boys in their b****?

  • Its one year since your post. I still haven't met and killed you.

  • Http://knockedaround.boards.net/

  • Lol you sound like me! I'm about 15 now and I can't stop kicking boys right in those b****! Its so funny seeing them drop and squirm! I kick boys usually around age 12 and its so funny watching their eyes go wide as they try and find out why it hurts them so bad! I'll usually pat my p**** to just to rub it in that I don't have those silly bits! My bro is 13 and he gets his nuts beat in all the time LOL!

  • That is so awesome! I hope you are still beating his b****!!!

  • That a girl! I love it when girls learn early their advantage over boys! I'm a mom of a 13 year old boy and a 15 year old girl! We kick his b**** around all the time! Pinch, squeeze, slap all of it! His ball bag is more like a punching bag haha! Does your mom know about you kicking your brother around like that?

  • Dammit, why can't I find any chicks like this in PA? I'm a 23yo virgin, a
    (never wanted s** just a girl to kick my nuts, which I've also never had... Don't judge) and the only offer I got to do it was from a chick on tinder who wanted to move in with me for 3 months, and have me take her to work and home an hour away to bartend 6 days a week, give her/do anything I can that she wants (basically as she said "be her b**** in every way she wants"), and of course, let her kick me for as much as she wants aftrer my first, and anytime while she's living there. (Yes I'm embarrassed to admit, I agreed to it, she just backed out a few days later...again please don't judge). Needless to say I'm desperate for my first kick, lol, just can't get literally anyone to do it.

    Anyone else have any luck? Any chicks in PA up for letting anger out? Lol
    rayrayreese1996 @ mail.com
    if anyone wants to hmu.

  • Fifth grade on a confession site ...please stfu

  • Good for you!! Keep up the great work:)

  • No thats not good dont make her feel like its right

  • Don't kick boys there. It is mean. Plus, they are going to need those parts later on in life. Be kind and respectful.

  • That is one of the ways my wife punishes me. I am what is known as a submissive husband. That means that my wife is head of the house and I submit to her authority. I also have a kink in that I enjoy spanking so she found that she could not use spanking as a punishment.

    When I have disobeyed her or not done my chores then she will have me stand there with my hands on my head and she will kick me as hard as she can. One kick has me on the ground curled up and crying and groaning in agony. Sometimes she will order me to stand for a second.

    Even though I hate the actual pain as it really is deep and excrusiating, the process does reinforce her authority and makes me more submissive and makes me feel even more respect for her.

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