I could have had s** with my sister in law

Last Saturday my wife and her sister went out to a "Girls night out", My wife stumbled in to the bedroom at 3:30 am and flopped down on the bed saying "I need money for the cab", I got up and threw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and when I opened the door the cab was parked in front of the house and my wifes sister was leaning on the trunk with both elbows and her head between them, I walked past her and looked at her, She looked like she was going to puke so I paid the cab and he looked at me saying "Good luck with those two", I walked to the back of the car and said "C'mon, He's going to drive away", She slurred her words and said "Hold on, Everything is spinning", I told her "Here hold my hand", She took my hand and I helped her into the house as the cab drove away.
Once inside she sat on the bench by the door and asked me to remove her shoes, I knelt down and she made no attempt to keep her legs closed giving me a full view of her panties, I took off her shoes and followed her as she stumbled up the stairs, I had to catch her twice and when we were at the top I said "You ok now?", She said "Yup, She started stumbling toward our room and I grabbed her hips and turned her saying "Wrong way", She laughed and mumbled "I knew that", Slapping me playfully on the chest, She stumbled to the kitchen and stood there leaning on the counter so I walked up and said "What do you need?", She looked at me and said "you don't even want to know what I need", I said "ok, Lets get you to tour room", I helped her to the spare room, She stumbled in and sat on the bed, I said "Ok, Good night", She looked at me and said "Can you unzip my dress?", I walked up and unzipped it and she dropped it off her shoulders, She sat with her elbows on her knees and breathing heavy she said "I'm not gonna make it", I said "Make what?", She said "I'm not gonna make it to the bathroom", I said "Don't puke", She said "Ok" but she was breathing heavier and looked like she was totally going to hurl so I said "Do you need to go to the bathroom?", She nodded her head and stood up letting her dress fall to the floor.
I was in shock, I had seen her in a bikini but standing there in just a bra and thong her body looked as close to perfect as it could be, She turned toward the door and I followed her staring at her nice, round bum as it jiggled while she walked, She stood in the bathroom for a minute then said "I'm ok" and walked back to the bedroom, She looked at me and said "my sister is so lucky", I said "Oh?", she said "Yeah, You are so good to her", She paused and then looked at me and said "And don't think she hasn't told me that you have a big d***" and laughed, I said "Ok, Good night" and walked to the door, She said "I wish I had a good guy with a big d***" and I said "Goodnight, Hope you feel better in the morning", She said "Why don't I have a guy?", I said "Don't know" and she started to cry, I hung my head and walked back up to the bed, I sat beside her and let her lean on my shoulder, I put my arms around her and her skin was so soft, I looked down at her long legs, Her perfect hips and her fairly big b**** were squished together only inches from my face, She reached down and grabbed my c*** which was hard and I pulled away.
She stopped crying and took a deep breath, She looked at me, reached behind her back and unclipped her bra, She tossed it on the floor and said "you can f*** me if you want", I panicked, There she was, Drunk, topless and offering to let me f*** her, I said "No, No I can't, I am married...to your sister", She took a deep sigh and said "Yeah I know", She flopped back on the bed, Lifted her legs and whipped off her panties, I know I should have just left but I couldn't, She spread her legs, Put her feet on the bed and ran her hands down her inner thighs and said "but you could f*** me just one time", I said "I'm going to go now", she said "last chance" and I looked at her as she spread her perfect, Soft, pink p****, She said "just for a couple minutes, I wont tell".
I stood staring at her beautiful body as she rubbed her p**** with one hand and pulled her left nipple with the other, I swallowed hard and I have to admit that I wanted to so bad but couldn't do it, I told her "sorry, I can't" and she gave me a pouty look,I reluctantly walked away but stopped and took one more look before I closed the door and went to my room.
I woke my wife up and f***** her hard with her dress still on, I left her with her panties around her knees, Face down with her ass sticking out.
Next morning my sister in law got up and left quickly and wouldn't look me in the eye.

Sep 15, 2016

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  • Mate - you need to get her drunk again and see what happens

  • You are quite admirable. Your sister in law clearly had cravings for you. Given the situation, I think most guys would have checked her for "tightness" even for a few seconds.

  • The could have cheated part aside, I think you totally did the right thing simply based on how drunk she way. Thank you for being a stand-up kind of guy. :)

  • You should have taken her up on her "couple minutes" offer. Y'know, just slipping in the head, giving a thrust or two. As long as you didn't blow your load, it isn't cheating.

  • I would have f***** the s*** outta her if that was my sister-in-law

  • Kudos for not taking advantage of your sister-in-law while she was wasted. There is nothing wrong with looking, given the circumstances, so cherish the memory of the eye candy.

  • Is this u albert

  • Suggest to your wife that her sister move in as your second wife. When one is not in the mood just "do" the other.

  • This would be a lovely fantasy because it simply wouldn't ever happen.

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