I don't understand, why choose incest?

I never understood how come people choose to f***, suck & l*** after their own family members? .. I mean i can see if it's family by marriage like in-laws or step parents & step siblings because their not really on the family tree, if a break up happens or a divorce then then they no longer have those titles ... but biological? Ewwww! Everytime i see a post bragging about incest, it grosses me out .. logically asking, out of all the people on this planet how come you choose your immediate family to f***, suck & l*** after? can someone please explain this bullshit desire? I'm just curious ..

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  • I don't think people choose, it's something that just happens. I have always been close to my sister and sometimes she would climb in bed with me for a cuddle. Sometimes the cuddle would turn into s**. I think it's just love and affection between family members and happens very naturally.

  • Let me explain what these drongos can't because they're too in love with their illusions. incest stories are bullshit. people come on here to s h i tpost dozens of times a day because they have no lives or are blowing off steam. remember penthouse's letters section, where "gentlemen" wrote in telling crazy stories that almost never really happened? that's what this place is. i don't think it was intended that way originally, but humans are disgusting and very imaginative when it comes to what they want to do with their g e n i t a l s. so this is their outlet. i know they're gross, but you really just have to pity them.

  • Some people are sick and disfunctional families are everywhere. No one should ever have s** with a sibling or a parent. Its just sick.

  • It's a personal preference

  • Lmao .. uh yeah thats it .. wutever you wanna think, more power to ya .. anyway, does anyone else dare to speak on this subject??

  • I think you're fibbing!!! I will tell you why. Instead of simply saying you never understood why people choose to have s** with family members, you actually gave descriptive words of what they do together. I think you secretly get off on this taboo, and you feel guilty so you made this little rant to make yourself feel better.

    Stop worrying so much about what others do. :)

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