Obsessed with b******

I am obsessed with t***! All t***, big, little, round, pointy... It's gotten so out of hand that I find myself actually staring at women's t*** as they walk by me. I'm not sure I was even aware of it until today. I was walking through the parking lot of the grocery store when an older (60ish) Indian women passed by. I never made eye contact, my eyes went straight to her large bouncing t*** and I mumbled the word "tremendous". She either heard me or caught me staring because she stopped and wagged her finger at me while telling me I was a very rude man. I did notice her nipples get larger while she was berating me.

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  • Did you ask her why her nips were enlarging? Did you ask her if she was getting moist? Did you ask her if she likes to scold boys for being naughty? Did you tell her that being scolded makes you h**** so that you cannot help but gawk at her enormously scrumptious nippers? Did you tell her that it makes you think of suckling them in your mouth, rhythmically pressing them onto the roof of your mouth, to force the blood out of them, and then duck it back into them again?

  • Its perfectly normal .. Were guys so were all obsessed with t*** and a beautiful ass .. lol .. but i get what your saying tho, i'm a fan of the top heavy club myself .. big t*** rock & deep cleavage drives me insane .. im also an obsessed fan of the fat bottom family too ..

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