I used to f*** this retarded girl named April. I used to make her do things you only read about in magazines, and she always came back for more. my last day in town, I took her to a pit party, where she got f***** by every guy there. I charged them all 20 bucks to f*** her or get blown, the left her there to take care of them all. We even got her to lick a couple of p****** too

Jul 8, 2010

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  • HAHAHA, my name is april, and that is the total opposite of me(x

  • That's a pretty sick fantasy. Chances are, your just a lonely kid with an absentee/domineering father. He probably beats you, your mom, too, if you have one. You probably really do know a mentally disabled girl and hate everyone that feels sorry for her because you think you deserve the sympathy she gets. But whether or not that's true, you're an unhealthy person who really needs to talk to someone. Kids like you grow up to be psychopaths.

  • My friends name is april. shes not a r***** though.....

  • ^Haha that is soooo relevant, omg. hahaha.

    Okay, I have three ideas of what this post really is.

    1. it's just some sick, disgusting fantasy of yours you wish really happened, but need to get back to reality and back to your sick, pathetic life.
    2. it's some repressed memory of yours, that you twisted to make people feel sorry for the victim, your pseudocharacter April, so that in reality, they feel sorry for your slow, pathetic self.
    3. Apparently you've got some sexual and aggressive urges that are not being satisfied, hence you feel the need to post some violent, disgusting story on a website to release some of the tension created by these urges.

    I suggest, if it's any of the three above, you should go pay a visit to Sigmund Freud. And yes, since he's dead, that would require you to die as well. As you should, for posting this.

  • This is f****** disturbing. Although I (and everyone else) knows it is bullshit, you ought to be ashamed for thinking of something like this! I hope you get hit by a freight train, a******!

  • 1. Don't call people retarded.
    2. Don't lie.
    One or two or 20 years from now, you will grow up. You will feel sorry for the nasty little boy you used to be, and you will feel sorry for the dumb ass things you said and did.. like this posting. Maybe then you will realize how the bad things you say and do will actually create a negative force in your life. All of the bad things that you say and do come right back to you. I hope you grow up and realize this truth. The sooner you do, the better off you'll be. Take my word for it. I speak from experience. Take care little man.

  • Lame and likely untrue. You need a more exciting life, dumbass.

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