Boyfriend found my s** video

So, about 2 months ago I needed a break from him. Told him I was going to see my family in Colorado. I got back and everything was great, he proposed 2 weeks later. Then it happened. I got a text from a high school friend while I was in the bathroom. It said the guys are showing everyone your video, even my husband has it. He was smart, responded send it to me ! from my phone! so she did.
I was playing pool at the local bar with bunch of guys I went to high school with. as I got drunker, they started to "help" me play. when everyone else left, we started playing strip pool. well, I wound up lining 4 of them up against the table, and blew them all. two of them came quickly in my mouth, the other two claimed they never come from h=getting=ng head. well, they bent me over the table and took turns f****** me. even the two guys that came in my mouth were hard again. so all four f***** me, and honestly I lost track of who was even in me.
I understand why he's p*****, but is this a deal breaker?

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  • So you cheated on him or was this event before you were dating your bf?

  • I see you have a future in prostitution. Maybe he'll keep you around and p*** you out. Win win for both of you.

  • He's probably just p***** because he wasn't one of the four. You are amazing, and you are serious SERIOUS marriage material. If he breaks off the engagement, you won't be single long. Nearly ANY man would LOVE to have you permanently.

  • Yes. It is.

    Modern women are among the most filthy, disgusting things to walk the earth. Demanding. Self centered. Amoral. Domineering. W h or e s

    Life support systems for a p u s s y at best. At worst, disease carrying, soul-sucking vampires slowly killing the men that have devoted their lives to caring for them.

  • I guess you hate your mother then? It's self evident in your comment. Not all mothers are great. Was yours a mega b**** to you?

  • If he's an autistic white guy like most of the 45 year old virgins on this site then no he'll probably think it's hot. If he has common sense then he's either gonna dump you or stop cheating on you. If it was my girl I'd probably have to drop her. I might just be petty though

  • Absolutely NOT! That is totally hot.

    I love hearing about my wife's previous sexual experiences (even while we were dating), and I encourage her to play with other men now.

  • Nope, me either.

  • Can't speak for him but for me it wouldn't be a deal breaker at all.

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