S*** grunts

My boyfriend grunts when he poops. He grunts each time he's pushing out a log. He grunts, crunches his face, and curls his toes while pushing out his logs. His logs are usually big and hard, so he has to grunt while pushing them out. He grunts like a bull ("nggggg, oh, ngggg, oh".). Each time he pushes out a log, he moans with relief ("ohhhhhh"). One time he was pushing out a massive log and he kept saying "ohhhhh sweet Lord" while pushing. I remember he spread his legs and leaned forward to push). I remember the way he crunched his face while pushing. This is weird to me because I'm a silent pooper.

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  • I hear a hemmoroid a commin', take a stool softener

  • Wow, you watch him p***?

  • Enema

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