Bruce my dog second time

Sitting here ashamed of myself but also realising life won't be the same. After the family had left for work and school I knew Bruce my Labrador wouldn't be interested but I completely stripped off first "play fighting" with him naked, the feel of his fur against my bare skin was really turning me on. He was prancing around and because while I was playing with him he was getting worked up letting him lick my F**** like last time but this time I knew what to expect spreading my legs wide apart so he could get that rough tongue even further in needless to say I was having multiple o****** I was again playing with his D*** also until it stuck out of his sheath but this time I kept wanking I had actually decided I would actually suck it but Bruce by now was really prancing so getting in the doggy position with Bruce starting to mount again prodding until he again "connected" he seemed more frantic than last time and more excited but like last time there was no feeling just frantic "humping" until I could feel him actually arch his back with his D*** really starting to swell inside and stretching me and again getting off but staying bottom to bottom until he started Cuming inside me this is when I realised someone was in the room, it was Chris one of my husband's friends without realising he had come through the back door which I'd forgot to lock and was watching the whole happening and there was absolutely nothing I could do because Bruce was still "knotted" in me. This was the height of embarrassment, obviously I tried getting free but until Bruce was finished getting smaller but Chris was in his element saying something like " this is what you get up to when everybody's out" but right at that moment I really wanted to "creep up my own a***" it was a few minutes more until Bruce broke free obviously I jumped up trying to cover myself at the same time pleading with Chris not to say anything but Chris straightaway came back with the blackmail also asking did anybody else know what I was doing obviously my answer was no and that I would do anything he wanted. His first demand was to give him a full b******* but first describe and show him where Bruce had just been obviously meaning my p****. This started Bruce off again but Chris wanted his b******* first again I was ordered to strip again telling Chris exactly what Bruce felt like obviously I was curled up with embarrassment but the thought of my family knowing my dark secret kept Chris in charge and strangely enough I was actually getting turned on again no doubt because of the risk factor!! But Chris while I was having to suck him was really getting carried away wobbling all my fatty bits and holding onto my head made me swallow but it is something I do anyway. After he finished he still wouldn't let me dress but to show him again where Bruce had been and said that from now on he would phone on a Wednesday night and meet him on a Thursday afternoon with Bruce obviously. It is now Friday so I've got a few days to think that I will do so can you give me some advice everybody!!


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  • Id just do it

  • Still waiting with anticipation for your next instalment. X

  • Hi to all the women who have left messages it is now Thursday morning and Chris rang last night telling me to be ready this afternoon dressed in trousers blouse and ordinary undies a bit unusual I thought but apparently he wants to see me getting undressed from "normal clothes" and also I had to buy a dog collar this morning "my size" this was the start of the humiliation part no doubt obviously it seemed very strange buying it from the pet shop knowing it was for myself and I felt the man in the shop knew what it was for obviously it was psychological but Chris phoned when all the family were about so I will post my message as Bruce and Chris in the posts

  • Hey baby everyone is so very interested in your situation I am sure they just want you to be totally humiliated by Chis, serves you right not letting your man know obviously Bruce has no idea and just wants to mount and enjoy, good on him I could love Bruce I am sure but I would lock all the doors in future, could you lend Bruce ?

  • Hurry up I want to read it. I love your writing x

  • Wow bet you're excited. I have just let spike f*** me, I was thinking of you three and you collared like a batch, so s**. I'd bore to lock your purse after Bruce and Chris have f***** you, while Spike is f****** me. I'm Sofia and I'm in the UK

  • Hi darling, Chris is certainly going to have some fun with you, I think the collar is a great idea, you should have it engraved "Chris's b****" somehow I get the feeling you are starting to like what is happening and I get the idea you are going to start looking forward to servicing your new master Chris and having him watch Bruce hump you, could you please comment on my thoughts, have a good time sweetie xx

  • My girlfriend knows about my kink with liking women getting f***** by dogs. I've told her that I would love to see her take a dogs c*** and knot. She teases me or when we have s** she says how she'd like to take a hot load from puppy but I know she will never try it, as her taboos are very different

  • Hi darling I have been giving your situation a lot of thought, it is a pity that your man did not know about Bruce and you, certainly you were unlucky that Chris walked in when he did, I suppose you will just have to take the control that Chris exerts over you I have a feeling you do not really mind it and probably will eventually enjoy it, I am so lucky that my husband is involved with Browny and I because I have no problems with a control freak, I will not even let hubby take photo's or video although one day I did a video but I have that under lock and key, all the best sweetheart, love to Bruce as well

  • Thanks again for your long reply I have read it time and time again and obviously you are now very experienced and it makes me actually feel comfortable with what I am doing the only thing is I will be with Chris who is much younger and not my husband and he will be very much controlling me but also Bruce will be "humping" but also thanks for the tip as regards you getting naked which is showing him when it is time for playing with you but yours also takes you amaly? I do a*** with my husband but I hadn't thought of Bruce and also like you I look at other women when I am walking Bruce and wonder if they do the same but also just thinking what do you mean when you are on about with your legs up does this mean are you having him when you are on your back with him "face-to-face"? And are you from America because I am from the UK

  • I posted about my German shepard f****** me. I'm also in the UK. I'd love to meet you with our doggy lovers and f*** together. We could swap and let each others dog f*** us. I'd also love to lock your purse after spike has f***** you, iv never done this but have fantasised about it xx

  • Yes we can do it both ways me on my back propped up with plenty of pillows under my bum with my f**** held high for him face to face virtually also him mounting me doggy from behind mainly in the v***** I found that he knots very heavy in my bum and is very tight but occassionally he does when hubby is there, I am from Aus, like to hear how everything turns out darling when our dog "Browny" gets into me I will be thinking of you

  • Go for it girl, in have a German shepard who f**** me good. I spread my legs for him to lock me, then get on all fours, so he can mount me

  • We have a Lab they are just the perfect dog for satisfying a mistress, we started by stretching me with ever increasing sizes of butt plugs and d***** with a lot of lube vaginally and anally because we thought it would be good to let him in both holes, we started by me getting nude and playing with him in a submissive position, he soon got the idea first I went front on with legs real high when he knotted my husband held him in place till he reduced, it was so good different c** to my man's, my husband had to be present for about the first ten times but we know what to do now and are both so very experienced that I can do it without my husband being present front on or doggy, our dog knows when he is going to have me when I get naked and down to play other than that he does not pester, it is real good but not sure I would like others knowing however when I see a female walking a Lab I give a second look

  • Now you have told me that you are a woman you have made my mind up and I will go for it because today is Sunday and all I can think about is Chris controlling and obviously Bruce so have you had somebody controlling you and have you been with a dog? And I will definitely not be telling my husband I think I would like the secrecy although I am 30 and Chris is only about 24

  • Thanks for the advice but I really can't tell my husband but I think you are right about letting it happen again with Chris watching but even controlling but I ask are you a woman?

  • Yes

  • Well if you do not want to do it then you will most likely have to tell your hubby. Your hubby will not be happy finding out that his so called friend is blackmailing you for s**.
    However if your okay with it (and it sounds like you where sexually aroused by it) then go for it. Sounds like you not only have the dog but a guy who is as interested in it as you are. Now you have someone to show or watch your play time. I am sure he is happy about it.
    The question is are you happy with it? I if it where me I would go for it and try it out. If you change your mined after several times then tell him your telling your hubby about him blackmailing you for s**. That will put you hubby's attention on his buddy not so much you and the dog. He will be more likely to accept you and the dog, but not his friend.
    I say Have Fun You Only Live Once!

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