P**** sissy!

My neighbour and friend, a tad older than me started touching me when I was about 13. He was about 15. Jerking off and stuff. My sister was about 11, and being rather plump had t*** unlike most girls her age.
One day my pal said that my sister was sexy and said that he jerks off thinking of her. I thought he was mad.
Several weeks later, early one night, I needed to get something from her and I went into her room not realising that she had fallen asleep. I had switched the light on but she did not wake up. She was asleep face up, covered with a blanket and with her legs crossed. My friends words flashed through my mind and with short gagging breaths I folded her blanket away from her body holding a corner of the blanket.. I then gently raised her blue night dress and lo and behold I saw her p**** : I was entranced: the first p**** I was seeing. No pubic hair grown yet but plump and pubescent ( not the flat mound of a little girl).
But as I said her legs were crossed and I now wanted to see between her legs... I switched the light off and by indirect light from the passage light, gently held her top leg by the ankle and placed it away from her left leg. I then switched the light on. It was truly beautiful, plump bald and so fair (we are Asian). My knees were like jelly and knees were wobbling.Having had a good look I covered her with her blanket and left her room after switching her room light off.
Went straight to the loo and jerked off.
This was 40 odd years ago. I am 55 now!
More happened later... next story.

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