Male 52 with sexual fantasies for underage girls

Hi everyone. I know some will judge me badly for what I am about to share and some may have similar feelings. I need to share this as I have never admitted this to anyone in my life.

I am a 52 year old single male and I have a sexual attraction to girls from about age 11 years. I have never had pysical sexual contact with a child. But I have had many fantasies over the years. Sometimes the fantasies have revolved around me playing with myself to images or videos of little girls that I have found sexy.

Other times I have played with myself in pulblic toilets at shopping malls ect after seeing sexy little girls out with their friends shopping.

Other times I have played with myself while sat in my car watching sexy little girls in the street.

I know this is bad. I have never let my fantasy escalate into anything physical. But I am definately a pedofile as I am sexually attracted to underage girls.

Does anyone else have similar fantasy?



Sep 25, 2016

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  • Hi Ivan, I share your feelings and I am similar age ... fantasy for me only and would love to chat about it X

  • "Ivan"? Are you sure your name isn't "Mark"?

    Oh wait, you said little GIRLS. Never mind.

  • Writing about male52 confirms what I believed when I first read your non fake story.
    You hide behind a computer screen pretending to be innocent in your thoughts and behaviour.
    Those who pretend to make up a story are the worst when it comes to wrongful thoughts and actions they carry out on innocent people.

  • I submitted the above to gauge a reaction. This was driven by a curiosity, which developed off the back of a conversation with a group of friends. One of the guys had said, if a guy had pedofile desires, and confessed ahead of any offending, what reaction would he get? In his opinion it would be very negative and destructive towards them so why would they do it.
    As for the reaction to my original post, look it up and read for yourselves, but, there is unsurprisingly hostility and shock and nothing thus far (at the time of writing this) that would encourage a person in that situation to come forward and get professional help. One of the comments was “I would castrate a man with a rusty knife if he came near my daughter. Then I'd leave him to bleed out in a filthy basement with rats. :)”
    To lessen the risk some of our population have on our wider society, whether this scenario or other serious offending, we need a mechanism that encourages proactive behaviour and does not condemn, reject, mock or show hostility towards it.

  • I will submit another confession with a full version of the abive summary.

  • I would castrate a man with a rusty knife if he came near my daughter. Then I'd leave him to bleed out in a filthy basement with rats. :)

  • It's only the modern society that condemns it. For thousands of years girls of 12 were married off.

  • For thousands of years, people believed in sun gods and magical rocks. Some still do. So what was your stupid point, exactly?

  • This better be fake. I hope so

  • Apologies. Yes. It is. My real confession is that I make false confessions from time to time. Bad habit.

  • You can't help being what you are but if you know what's good for you, you had better stick to just the fantasy. I used to work for the state police in their warehouse and the detainees there told me the worst thing that can happen to a prisoner is to be convicted and put in prison for molesting or raping a child.

    Good luck your going to need it.

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