I touched my wifes little sister

I am 52 and ilve in the UK and have been married for 10 years. My wife is 20 years my junior. My wifes little sister is 25 years younger than me.

At a party last weekend my wife and her sister had a few too many to drink. I recieved a garbled text message and went to pick them both up and bring them both to our place. Amogst some pretty horendous episodes of them being sick I managed to get them both stlled, my wife in our bed and her little sister in the spare room.

We all went to sleep. I awoke at about 4.30AM as i wanted to go to the bathroom. As many times I wake in the night I had an erect p****. I was feeling quite h****.

On my way back from the bathroom i checked on my sister in law and she was sleeping soundly. I have always found her attarctive and the devil on my shoulder said, go take a closer look at her. Which I promptly did! Bad behavior I know but with her being drunk and sleeping so shoundly I knew that I could perhps pull back the covers and have a look at her.

She was wearing a white tee shirt which I had given her when she retireed to our spare bedroom. having rolled the covers back I decided to lift the tee shirt to see her panties and to my surprise she wasnt wearing any!

oh wow, there i was, H****, h****** and looking at my sister in laws shaven p**** while she was in a deep sleep. I nearly orgasmed there and then!

What I then did, I feel so guilty about. I put my flace close to her p**** then over come by the sweet smell, I gently licked her while I played with my self. In no time I had orgasmed all overmyself and my shorts and legs and the carpet! Oh hek, the guilt, what had I done!! hek...I managed to get all cleaned up and replace the covers on my sister in law and I am sure she never stirred so i hope all is well.

However, the guilt has been killing me so i had to share. I will regret this for ever in one way but still get sexually excited while I think about it.

You guys think I should come clean and tell her?

Should I tell my wife what I have done?

All comments good and bad welcome, thanks,



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  • Id looove to watch a old pervert do this with my daughter megan as she slept ( at any fantasy age) - daddyuk123@gmail.com or go to www.tlk.io/megan NOW - chat there most nights also - no password needed

  • Yeah, come clean and tell her you are a pervert. That sounds like a great idea dumb ass.

  • Dude...do you think either will be ok with it? I get why you wanted to do it but don't ever tell! Some things are better left taken to the grave!

  • Listening to these dogs will f*** your life up. Let her know or karma will come for you

  • Guilt my hole u should hav fuckd her sencless

  • Why do u feel guilty id hav rubbed s**** n2 her and hope it grows

  • Take this episode as a one-off stuff. Just forget about it & move on. No need to feel guilty about the thrill you've had.

  • Damn

  • Put it down to bad judgement and forget all about it. Don't say anything. The fact you are feeling guilty means you are still in love with her and know you've done wrong. Just don't do it again

  • Dont

  • Well if your wife is still in love with you, then tell her. Because I wouldn't want my husband doing such a f***** up thing to me

  • F*** no

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