Why s** is so vital?

I imagine our first time while looking into each other's eyes. We're cuddling and then he says "your first time is going to hurt" while looking into my eyes. I'll look back while looking through his eyes and ask, "are you worth the pain?" While bashfully looking away. Then we'll laugh it off. Afterwards we find each other taking each other's clothes off, but doesn't feel like l***. You don't care about how he's going to be good in bed or how much the size of his private part will pleasure you. He wouldn't care about your body and how good you can be good in bed. We wouldn't care about our bodies touching each other. We'll accept each other the way we are. Every touch would be imprinted on each other's body with care, passion, and love. When he's in you, all you know is two souls becoming one. The shape of our bodies wouldn't matter if the love is from heart to soul.

You can't create these moments with everyone or anyone.

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  • S** isn't vital. It depends on individual preferences and morals, everyone is different :)

  • That's why it's "my" confessions and not imposing my view on anyone. Your comment isn't even relevant to my confessions.

  • You're imposing your confession, on us instead!

  • Why does the title of your confession, have a question mark then, fool?!!! "Why s** is vital??"
    Your title is more of a statement, than a question. But has a question mark on it!!
    So I answered your question fool, with my individualistic opinions!!

  • Not every question is meant to ask you. I asked myself that question. Your response relies upon an assumption. You could've asked to clear your doubts not respond to your own assumption. (:

  • You still haven't clarified anything. Why ford6 your title have a question mark at the end, if it's not a question? Is it meant to be rhetorical?

  • I'm thinking of you too.

  • Not sure who you are.

  • Not true. U can be friends with a guy but he must be gay or is so traumatized by p**** that he's no threat. Lol

  • Inaccurate

  • No thanks and you're not funny at all.

  • I would like to add a sentence before anyone would misunderstand my post since I forgot:

    I would like to experience this with my husband only. "ONLY"! I don't believe in doing this before marriage. I just can't and I won't.

    - WriterOfThisPost

  • Good for you and you don't need to justify/express your preferences and moral code, unless you want people to comment on it.Otherwise, who cares!!! Just live life and do as you wish!!

  • Thank you (: <3

  • Your welcome :)

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