I know you cheated on me with another guy and decided to go to join the army and go to iraq.
You piece of s***, i find out now that you cheating on me while all this time i've supported you and your decision to go serve your country and i come to find pictures you sucking another guys c*** and being rammed up the ass with his d***.
You f****** b****** i hope you get murdered and mutilated in iraq!
I hope you get your f****** head cut off and put on a stake!
I hate you!
I hate your mother and father because they made you!
You deserve to be raped by wild camels and set on fire by al-queda!
To make up for this i have posted pics of you and your faggotery all over campus, i have mailed copies of the pictures to your parents and your soon to be f***** little brother, shown all your jock friends who you probably have sucked there c**** already and posted the pictures on a gay website.
F*** you Daniel Stevens!!!
From 1379 spring st. seattle wa. 98104
Oh by the way Daniel, i just f***** your best friend, recorded it and sent it to where your stationed at...
Hope you die!

Jul 8, 2010

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  • she did you a favor, you don't need that tramp. Go on with your life.

  • I think ti is never ok to wish death on someone, no mater what they do to you. Besides, you should know by now that 90% of gay men are whores.

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