Dog and wife in training

About eight weeks ago I walked in on my wife she was nude pulling our dog off, I got three photos before she realised she turned scarlet but I said have you had him in your p**** she said no I could not do that so I said well you are going to start or plenty of people will see my photos, we started training her c*** with large butt plugs and d***** so she could accept him when he knotted, when she was comfortable I had her get onto all fours and lubed her up, brought in the dog and lubed him then guided him to mount her he was such a natural he humped her for 35 minutes and gave her four real nice o******, when he let his load go he swung a leg over and they were bum to bum really stuck hard that was when I got a nice video and more photos I made my wife smile and look happy, she is certainly going to be our b**** forever, I am going to get a lockable collar with a lead for her

Sep 29, 2016

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  • I am into it for more than 10 yrs now but never got knotted bum to bum, because of the amount of his fluids into me was so much that his knot slipped out slowly as I continued squeezing my p**** muscles soon after.

  • Whoow, i love it.

  • Send photos:

  • I wish I had a dog to f***. The knot must be amazing

  • I wish it was me

  • All you dudes who take pics and videos of your wives with dogs? You are all some seriously f***** up low-lives. You probably live in trailer parks, marry your sisters and probably have 7 teeth in your head. I sure hope none of you reproduced. Your kind needs to end with your generation. Sickos. Can't get a human so you prey on an innocent animal.

  • If you don't like it, why do you bother reading about it?

  • I let my dog fuc k me

  • Love that

  • Prove it, send a vid to need help?

  • I wanna watch

  • Awesome....

  • Bullshit

  • When my girlfriend and I were at University in London we had a small unit and it was broken into as the neighborhood wasn't exactly choice. A friend said to get a dog and well we got a German Shepard. My girl loved to be nude along with myself when home and as our Shepard got older he took a keen interest in her. One night coming home from a party happy and drunk I let our dog in and well near our fire place things got heated, very sexual and I helped our best friend mate with her. It started something we all enjoy to this day. I married her and we are a Ménage à trois now in our thirties.


  • That is a very successful marriage, good for her , and enjoy many more , beautiful o****** ...

  • My c*** is rock hard reading this...I f****** love it !!

  • Does your German Shepard f*** your b******* too? Does he f*** your girlfriends b*******?


  • Ah London swings like they used to say.. Wow it must really Rock now !!..Does your wife like the German Shepard best..He he..
    Cheers to you both ..Sorry Three and your Best Mate..Naughty Doggy..!!

  • German Shepard,The Best.👌

  • German Shepard,The Best.👌

  • I have became stuck with girl friends more than once if all goes right My ex told her Black friend and her and her husband want me to meet them in hopes i can with her while he videos

  • Any girls who let's their dog in them. Plzz add me on Snapchat. I been wanting to see for years. Andyc2104 add me

  • Yes , they are the most awesome women , would not hesitate to marry , a lady with those attributes...

  • I have been blackmailing my wife for 5 years now and she has done k-9 also and i make her tell me how much she loves being his b**** while i video them.

  • She should ask for one of the videos and take it to the police and have you arrested, tried, convicted and thrown in jail for what you're doing to her. It's criminal. Imagine your prison mates discovering that you like perverted s***. They'll have a blast with your little puckerhole and your tongue will get a workout going in and out of their backsides. A******.

  • Good on you, keep up the good domination, the more videos particularly of her being mounted the better ensure she smiles and really looks like she is enjoying it she will certainly do as you wish and or demand from now on

  • Getting your dog's sloppy seconds eh? Yeah, sounds like you're both his b****.

  • How's that for first impressions?

  • It's so nice to blackmail the wife. Mine went cold. No interest in s**. Showed her various photos I'd taken of us over the years and suggested they might become public of she was not more enthusiastic. That was the start then I just kept up the pressure with a few threats. Now she does whatever she is told

  • What? You mean Dogs included?

  • So fantastic these b****** just have to be put in their place, I find the more photos and videos of them in humiliating/sexual positions the better they behave, making them go nude around the house is a giant plus

  • Excellent you obviously have her exactly where she should be, keep the pressure on and ensure she does everything you want, my wife is starting to enjoy the dog, she gives me oral, vaginal and a*** s** whenever I want I also often have her nude around the house the other day I had her walk to the car naked with a coat on then had her disrobe and we went for a drive she was certainly humiliated quietened her right down

  • If she,s doing k9s why would won,t to hurt her

  • No, all women f*** their dogs, why do you think women think they can make it on their own

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