Ass Play

I am turning 50 next year i look about 36 or so
I have to show my ID to prove it. However i have a l*** for r****** and f****** deeply any ass that allows me to. I prefer skinny however if it looks sexy im all in. I was at a cook out last mth and this 20ish dark deep chocalate baby girl walked in the room . My wife almost caught me staring. I quietly stood behind her in the food line just to try and get her scent. When i got home i asked my ol lady to pi t on her black stockings and i f***** her all night . I eat the ass n p**** up . Wow felt so good.

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  • I find that hard to believe that you look 30 when your 50 odd. get real liar faker.

  • If ur happy n the s*** thats ok

  • Look its a fact, those who like ass are gay. Men have the same thing back there as women

  • Hey dumbass it's only gay if it's two guys look it up mabye.....

  • Its all same black hole hair and s****

  • No way there is a huge difference between a man's ass and a womans ass. You try and then let me know

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