Sucking c***

Whenever i speak to friends or other girls, alot the time they all say the same thing, that they dont enjoy sucking a man d***, they do it just because but i really really love it,
i feel so powerfull and in charge when a man fills my mouth with his most prized and delicate body part, i love everything about it, the warm feel of it filling up my mouth, the back my throat getting pushed, the taste of the sweat and smell of his c***, the b**** slapping into my chin, even his pubes tickling my face as i take him deep! i doesnt matter if im on my knees, climbing over them, or my head is hanging off the side the bed when i look up and they are at my mercy, i enjoy giving a slow passionate suck or even having my mouth f***** like hes f*** my p****, it does it for me everytime and even thou it may not actaully bring me to o****** on its own, it gets me halfway there, even more so when i bring them to o****** in my mouth and i taste that sweet salt shot.

Sep 30, 2016

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  • Sucking a guy's c*** is part of love making.

  • I love my wife sucking c***, with my permission when she goes out, she socks at least two men off, returning home horns as he'll and lovely spunky breath, I kiss her and f*** like crazy

  • Bringing a man to orgasam with your mouth is powerful. I love it!

  • Wish you were my neighbor.

  • Would you want to me suck your c***?

  • Yes

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