I am a s** addict.

I am completely addicted to s** and the thought of sexual pleasure.

My ideal ladies are 'pawg's' with a beautiful body & face, but lately my turn on's have gone wild.

I am in a committed relationship and in the past 2 year's I have become increasingly sexually attracted to my girlfriends mother. She is in her mid 50s, with a dysfunctional marriage. She has short blonde hair, is an average height, has a few extra kilos but her b**** are out of this world good! She isn't exactly beautiful like some other 50 year old's but my good 'in-law' relationship with her makes her tempting. Furthermore, when my girlfriend and I first went out, my Mother In Law (MIL) gave s** advice to my girlfriend saying she should be having s** regularly. This eagerness and flexibility to talk about it openly to her daughter as well as myself made me extremely h****** occasions.

Since I first got these urges, several things have happened. My MIL is a physiotherapist, as such she often gives the family and I massages if we are in need of one! Well one night my girlfriend and I came home, and I had a cut myself up on my shoulder. Naturally she had medical supplies and taped me up, however she was already in her sleeping tank top and pyjama pants. As she was taping me up she had bent over which exposed her cleavage. I saw her cleavage all the time as she was a DD cup, however in this case I saw it up close and from an angle where I could see her belly as well. To my complete surprise she didn't have a bra on so her b**** were hanging completely exposed and close up to my face. I not only saw her cleavage and boon but I saw her nipples. The moment was unreal and it seemed to slow down in time as I was sitting there gazing at my MIL b****. I had to consciously hold myself back from using my hands to grab her exposed b****. I had a huge h****** however she *seemed* to not notice it.

That event sparked even more sexual curiosity for my MIL, which resulted me often raiding the dirty lanudry. She often wore regular panties however on some occasions I would find lacy lingerie. Which ranged from boy short style lace to lacy gstrings. I almost always took the sexiest pair I could find and sat in the toilet adjacent to the laundry. The first time I smelled her panties I was surprised how delicious it smelled. Her smell got me instantly hard and before long I would have to relieve myself. From that first time I saw a pair of sexy lingerie and having smelt her sweet aroma, I was determined to see what other lingerie/kinky things she possesses. I had to wait until the day all members of the family were out and I was holding the fort. But when that day came, oh man I was in heaven. It took me maybe 5 minutes to find her drawer of panties but once I did, I realised how many sexy pieces of underwear she has! She obviously must wear gstrings regularly and likes to feel and look sexy. My mind was going wild as I was a huge sexual rush.

From that day onwards I now have temporarily borrowed (over the space of 3 years) 15 pairs of lingerie (mostly gstrings). Some I got from her panty drawer however most I have gotten from the dirty laundry. For the last year however I cannot find any of her panties (sexy or not) in the laundry, ever. I have a feeling she realised panties were disappearing.

Could she know? She hasn't confronted me and I am on the fence if I want her to confront me or not.... should I take it a step further and initiate sexual flirtation/sexual acts?

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  • My stepdaughter is 27 and I'm 37. My wife is 50. Totally attracted to her daughter and I also collect her panties and lipstick. Total turn on for me, so TABU. I fantasizd about her all day, everyday. Wish i could stop. Happy to have this place where i can let my thoughts out.

  • Of course she knows you idiot. She probably knew after the second pair went missing.

  • There is no such thing as s** addiction u have a healthy libido. Women with weak ass libidos and guys looking for an excuse for cheating made that up.

  • No, you should go get help. I'm not judging you at all, I too was in a similar situation. Let's just say, I wasn't as stealthy as I thought. I'm currently in SAA, to help with my s** addiction. I think that should be your next step. Good luck.

  • I think you got distracted by the title. I simply used the term as a word to catch attention. I am not actually addicted to s**, just like it the same amount anyone else would.

  • U should go 4 it tel her shes so sexy u want to f*** her

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