F*** me

I hate my f****** life, living with depression, only ever had 1 Gf and she dumped cos it was "too hard", luckily not a virgin, I spent god knows how many years becoming a historian, hoping that by the time I'm done there will be a decent job for me, but nothing, I spend most of my life laying in bed crying, masturbating, cutting myself or any mix of those ( normally cutting and jacking it or jacking it and crying). God am I pathetic, I need somebody, something to anchor ne to this world, when I was with her, I felt, normal, not dead and hollow inside, I smiled, quite often, I have never really smiled since she left me. I want to f****** die.

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  • Those who don't study history are destined to repeat it. It's important and so are you.

    Get off your ass and do something.

    You have a valuable contribution to make.

    Teach, tutor, lecture, blog (use history to draw out parallels with the present ), journalist, proof read,

  • History is written by the ones in charge soo it is often bullshit.....

  • Like for instance, suffragettes were terrorists, our empire was run through a tight grip on the lead, and Hitler was a fantastic leader.

  • Read below. My life is happy, been applying to several colleges, and, I got to play with the toys that got me into history, my great grandfathers furniture making tools.

  • Do look what an historian can do. You will be surprised how many things that area covers. You might just didnt think it would cover that. Same for me and my art. But hey, I'm still a virgin. Haha. Try to reduce the meds and go with natural meds. Ask your medic. There are a lot of plants out there who do good. But depends of the person. You just need to find the right fix. Hope you have a great day.

  • YOUR FANTASTIC, I F****** LOVE YOU, CAN I HAVE YOUR BABIES. OMG thank you so much, my favourite part of history was always their art, not just painting, but all their arts, farming, making beer and cider, carpentry, blacksmithing, I will dedicate my life to learning these arts, use the modern version for making money, then learn the old ways to help me write a book. Now seriously, can I have your babies.

  • One day at a time

  • Hang in there. Maybe some therapy and meds would help. You will find the right companion, but you need to get yourself together first, or you will be a drain, not a fountain, to the person whom you attract.

  • I'm on flouxetine and getting into therapy, and what does a historian do without a job?

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