So tired of guys with small d****

Sorry if this sounds harsh but it's true and I'm so sick of dancing around it to protect mens fragile egos. There isn't even a point to getting with a guy with a small d***, there's no way you can really enjoy it. And I hate how you pretty much have to commit to f****** a guy before you find out. Can't guys just be a gentleman and tell you right off. There's nothing worse than getting finally discovering a guy you've been dying to f*** is packing a toddlers d***. I know I'm about to get attacked by every tiny dicked loser who likes to call women s**** on the internet, but this is something every woman feels deep down but we can't admit because of men's patriarchal bullshit. If a woman has ever told you it's about "the motion in the ocean" I can guarantee she was lying to spared you're feelings. Women talk and when we're alone I have NEVER heard anyone say this, only celebratory high fives when one of us hits the jackpot with a guy with something we can actually deal with. Again I'm sorry I know it sucks for some guys but honestly I don't even care anymore. Life's tough get the f*** over it and accept that nature f***** you over. Stop trying to take it out on innocent women who just wanna have fun sexy times with a real man. Women are constantly judged and shamed based on looks and I think it's high time men got a little back. I'm done putting men's feelings above my own pleasure. From now on I'm not getting with any guy who doesn't have the requisite equipment to satisfy a woman, I don't care if we're both already half naked. Not only will I just leave I will warn every woman I know about you. If you're any combination of bald, fat or have a baby d*** please stay in your lane and stop thinking you can get with pretty women. And women - stop encouraging these losers, having s** with them anyway will only make them think it's ok to go out prey on some other poor girl.


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  • Omg! Can we meet and you take your anger out on my little d***?? If you called it a "toddler d***" I'd be raging hard (yet still tiny) and be ready to c** in my pants. I'd let you humiliate me, use me in front of your friends as an example, I'd let you kick my tiny b**** to having such a pathetic little thing between my legs.

  • Part of the problem is that guys over-estimate themselves. Most of them claim at least an inch or more above what they really are. The average in the US is just under 5 1/2 inches. 8" d**** are rare, but not unheard of. Anything over 10 is most likely a fairy tale. How small are these penises you're p***** about? And have you ever measured a guy?

  • This is harsh! What makes you think that you're such a "pretty woman"? I guess I'm just not worthy,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • I'm a married woman over the age of 50. I agree with the confession. I met my husband a few years back in a club we were both in. We started talking and the topic soon went to p**** sizes. I told him my ex husband was small and I love men who are big and thick. He was telling me that he was 8", thick, cut. When he asked me if I wanted to see it, I couldn't wait. We never made it to his car, he turned around near the edge of the parking lot and pulled out the most beautiful p**** right there. He wasn't kidding, he was thick with a perfect head.
    Why settle life is short!

  • Lol ur a man straight up

  • I don't know. The guy I am with now is the absolutely most fun partner I have ever had, and he is probably over 4" but less than 5", but he's pretty thick with a nice big head. Anyway, it's the overall experience that makes him so fun. He's filthy like me, and we do all sorts of naughty stuff. He's perfect for a*** and oral. I love his cockk just as it is.

  • Written by a small dicked f*****

  • I'm a woman who has had a handful of partners, and as long as the guy is 5" he's fine. 4" might even be okay, though not as fun. Guys don't need horse d****. In fact, I've tried a couple of those and they were lousy.

  • That's good, because no man is hung like a horse lol!!

  • Size matters a big c*** is a priceles gift

  • Lol I bet u just go full r***** and the nerves go numb ;) if u think it's a compliment ur wrong pencil d***

  • I agree with ^her^. I have a man on the side that is actually hung like a m************ horse. I love him. LOVE him. DAMN!

  • Ur a man

  • Ur not.

  • Well i'm in the middle of the scale at a 7.5 , ya see i'm not too big & i'm not too small .. with that being said i've gotten no complaints & plenty of call backs ..

  • If ur thinking in inches ur f****** stupid just sayin

  • Mexican with a big 8' c*** here... Yea some girls tell me that they do lie to other guys to spare their feelings but that my d*** is goooddd lol I guess they all love that 8' or bigger no joke. I'm freaken lucky tho that I don't have an issue with this, if anything it sucks a lil cus some chicks can't take it all in and I love to pound a p**** lol so with some they take it like a good girl others wine about the size... Email me at trademarktm103 Gmail

  • I'd f*** ur b****;) u got no charm no money and ur Mexican lol

  • Again ur thinking in inches lol f****** r***** how long u last for 12 min?

  • This attitude is how I lost my first wife. She decided she needed somebody bigger and so she went and found him and then, after a while, she had no more use for me.

  • Do u stick more than two fingers in if u do you are the problem..

  • Lol ever think that maybe you have a wizard sleeve of a p****

  • Ron Jeremy couldn't satisfy that much p**** envy

  • I completely agree with the OP. I learned early in life that opening my legs for anything less than eight solid inches is just a waste of time. I much prefer something even bigger, but eight will at least get you in the game. It doesn't matter how rich you are, or how nice you are, or how smart you are, or how much you work out: if you're hung like a hamster, don't bother me. I need men with certain horse-like qualities. Sorry to deflate your egos, boys, but MOST women feel that way. (And it's the primary reason you see so many white girls with black men.)

  • You ARE the original poster (troll). Lol if u think anyone is taking u seriously.

  • Sorry a-hat. Not the OP. But I love her attitude!

  • Sorry 12 yr old

  • I think you're in love with me

  • LOL we all know you are nothing but a scared little dicked man writing tho to gauge people's reactions.

  • Ok you found me out. How did you figure it out? I should also confess that I'm a virgin.

  • Maybe you should try feeling the guy up first.

  • Your p**** is probably too big to have fun with anyway. I have a seven-inch p**** which is no big deal but I've been with women whose p**** feels like a room full of hot air. Invest in a vaginal restoration surgery and maybe you can enjoy a normal sized man.

  • Room full of hot air.... Lol

  • Invest in a shetland pony,

  • stupid a comment is that??

  • Well they have big d**** don't they? Buy a Shetland and let him f*** you.

  • Iagree. You can have a great relationship with a guy.but if they don't perform at the same level of intimacy and all of it's just not good enough. For me the d*** is secondary to the snuggling, kissing, affectionate, ass grabbing, etc etc. Yet if the package is lacking. ...there is no getting around it

  • Lol I'm sure ur performance is great.........

  • ^ so true ^. there really is no substitute for big meat. none.

  • I'm not saying it has to be super sized...but "little ones"are just not good. Sorry :/

  • F*** you whatever you are. I'm sure you're not a natural born woman at any rate.

  • Why don't you buy toys, enjoy and have relationship with that instead of toying with a man's feelings?

  • How a woman says this ...

  • Written by an old man.
    No woman would bother to write such drawn out drivel.

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