F*** Saudi arabia

Seriously what a brainwashed bunch of scum......

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  • Yes, but you consume their oil like a w**** guzzles c**

  • The Saudi Kingdom trolls for the US. So of COURSE they're screwy.

  • The culture is what's screwy

  • In the US or in SA? Because both are pretty FUBAR.

  • You think the Saudis are brainwashed? Have you taken a glance at the electorate in THIS country lately? Democrats, Republicans; all just a bunch of automatons wandering around the landscape spewing whatever they've heard in the last 24 hours from their "news" channel of choice. All thought is gone. G-O-N-E.

  • Gone sounds like ur just regurgitating lol

  • Sounds like YOU'RE just willfully stupid, what with all the evidence in such abundance around you. lol

  • ..........look it up maybe s**** messed up here in the west but multiply that by like 10 or something

  • Actually, it's we ourselves who do most of the messing and s*******. We're a hair's breath from direct military confrontation with Russia in Syria. We've also pledged to go to war with Russia is hostilities break out between Russia and Estonia. Last but not least, we're doing extremely provocative things in the South China Sea. At no time since WW II have we been so close to another world war.

    Funny THAT never gets mentioned on the news or the Presidential escapades.

  • Those parties are dumb anyone pulls trigger on nukes they're all done it should not even be a option

  • F*** Islam ww3 will probably be sparked by it even if its other countries instigating

  • We are part of the problem too are gov is in bed with them giving them weapons ....

  • They teach kids that's u diserve death for not believing Islam...

  • You don't get executed here for not being a virgin when ur married I can insult gov ppl and I can keep my head.....

  • Look it up....

  • Allahu akhbar Allahu akhbar Allahu akhbar Allahu akhbar

  • Control contol control

  • Good thing nothing like that ever happens in the Land of the Free.

    Stop saluting and sit down, r3tard. That was sarcasm.

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