Why are people so damn rude??? seriously every confession i read theres always people being b******.
just stfu! thanks.

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  • f****** a******

  • I just have to add this for the record, F*** off f***** low life titty suckers!


  • you guys are crack heads.

  • ^^^So do people who think saying one not so profound sentence makes them clever.

  • ^ LOL Alert F**!!!

  • ^Internet bullies crack me up!

  • ^Wow, that was a really rude thing to say, hypocrite. Bring about the end of mankind? Not one for hyperbole are you?
    Its about freedom of speech friend, we're all allowed to say what we like whether you like it or not.
    And yes, deny it or not, you are a hypocrite. the fact that you scream about how wrong it is and then act the same way makes you a hypocrite.
    Yes most of these insulters are just braindead f****, but its their right to be braindead f****, and no one can take that away from them, not me, and not you either.
    I would much rather live in a society where people are honest about their feelings, than in a society where people are stuck up a******* pretending to be polite when they have just as much hate below the surface.

  • ^ I agree with the comment above me. Lol.

    For almost everyone else who commented, you guys are only offering proof that the OP is right. Not, on the contrary, what you must believe, that you are offering some minimal amusement for someone somewhere, since what you say is not only ridiculous and not funny, but is basically the essence of what will bring about the end of mankind: idiocy and immaturity.

    Do you feel proud and content with yourselves now that you posted something that basically proves the OP's point? Does that make you feel happy and accomplished to be stupid, pathetic people with nothing better to say for yourselves than some stupid comment?


  • omfg shut the f*** up with the f****** f** alert YOU'RE the only f** around here!!!!!!!

    and you eat a c***
    f****** a*******.

  • F*** you!

  • (im the one that posted this)
    come say it to my face b******!

  • People tend to be more rude and condesending when they are not face-to-face with someone. They are much more rude when they are posting anonymously. These people are p******, they would never say the things they do to people's faces. I have worked in customer service for over 6 years. The rudest people I have encountered have been working in a call center, rather than a retail store. They feel much more tough when they are not in my face.

  • I see, so the only people who have a right to speak are the polite ones, who say nothing but nice things, and anyone with an opinion or thought you don't like should keep quiet, or speak their mind with flowery speech just to make you happy.
    P*** off! No one gives a s*** about your wounded feelings. This website is full of idiots posting about some of the stupidest s*** ever, and you want to worry about the rude comments?
    As for the first comment, sounds like you're trying to make a comment that will grab you some attention.
    So please, OP, being polite, pretty please, If you would be so kind, shut the h*** up and go somewhere where people can't speak their mind however they wish.

  • Take your own advice and shut the f*** up, a******!

  • You'll always get that element who abuse anonymity as a chance to post childish rants. I don't know whether they do it as an attempt to stand out from the crowd or if it's just a pathetic cry for attention.

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