If u don't eat p****

You're getting cheated on;)

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  • A woman doesn't need a man to lick her out, there's plenty of women out there, that enjoy licking p****!!

    Just speaking the truth! I'd rather lick a p****, than suck a d***!! :-)

  • Idiot

  • I eat my wifes p**** so she dont cheat on me but also cheat on her an eat my coworkers p**** so my coworker dont cheat on my neither

  • I love c**********

  • My name is Sal

  • My ex husband didn't eat pusssy. I didn't cheat, but now that he's someone elses problem I will NEVER EVER be with another man that doesn't eat p****. I don't even need it all the time, but if it's not an option I think the man is boring as fck. On the flip side I love to suck cockk and I will happily swallow.

  • Agreed

  • C********** is an art. Done properly the woman loves it.

  • Never have, never will! Never needed too, I got that gooood hour long D ;)

  • Boo hiss

  • Someone will give ur girl what she needs behind ur back and u won't know ;)

  • Understanding how nerves work might help if ur a little slow in the head....

  • I am guessing you're black. So many black men don't eat p****.

  • They didn't like licking yours!

  • How would you know?

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