Didnt know she was a s***

Me and my girlfriend have always been close iguess you can say she is my bestfriend. We have been together 2 years and never had an argument believe it or not we agree on everything we share the same like for everything we compromise so well.we trust eachother to the point where our cellphones dont even have passcodes and we tell eachother everything. in my mind she is perfect (or so i thought)we have had recent break-ins in the neighberhood lately so i decided to purchase small spy cameras and put in the house i know i said earlier we tell eachother everything but i kept this silent because she has expressed to me that she was not okay with it but i wanted to be safe. I can remember this say so vividly. I come home from work shes been complaining all day about not feeling well her body aches etc i give her a rubdown and pay it no mind well a couple hours later when shes sleep i sneak off to check the footage what i saw actually makes me shake typing this. Shes has Multiple guys coming in and out the house f****** them, i watched her ride a guy while sucking on the other then watch as he got behind her and theh dp'd her on camera in my living room while wearing my shirt.hours into the footage she brought another guy and they 69d and he f***** her doggy and they cuddled and kissed for 2 hours exactly theres audio so i could hear everything as she told him she loves him when he was leaving. Im so f****** confused right now i know i wanna end this but how should i go about it? Leave like a gentlemen or be petty about it first. Im sorry about my grammar and the fact i chose a site to run to but i dont wanna tell anyone close to me and i needed to get this off my chest im actually shaking telling this story.

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  • Am so sorry,
    but yeah, don't think about how you should act, it's your feelings that are hurt. express them however you want. petty or not

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