Bought a phone cases ended up with s**

I had to just receive my iPhone 5 in the mail on Monday July I was doing a double at work so I had plan to run to the store across to get a case for my phone during my break once 4pm came I went and was approach but the sales women who I had spoke to the last time I was there (about 3 months ago) I was very surprise to hear her say hey welcome I said wow you remember me since its been that long she reply by saying I bet you don't even remember my name in all honesty I replied I indeed had but I had her business card that she gave to me which made her smile she had a beautiful smile one to die for with cute dimples she was about 5'1 and had an amazing ass which mouth dropping anyways she helps me get the phone case I was looking for and while she was checking out the product I bluntly said may I have her number we exchange numbers exchange a hug and went back to work we text all day and at the night she had invited me over for dinner I went and to my surprise I was very very nervous I drank so much water fast foward an hour we stated to touch each other and then we ended up kissing I applied to her I think it was time to go into her bedroom and she was down for it as we are undressing each other she pulls my boxers and is amazed of what I am carrying and instantly shoves my c*** in her mouth I take off her jeans and my god the best view I have a huge ass in front of me we f*** doggystyle all night and busted a huge nut on her ass this was my 1st one night stand

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  • What was her full outfit and describe her please

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