Tiny p**** curse

I had three sexual partners before my husband, and they all had tiny penises. My husband's is a moderate size, and he's pretty good with it. But just once I wanted to see what it's like to have a huge c*** inside me. I had made a few "jokes" about it to my husband to see if he might possibly be into letting me give it a try. He wasn't. There's a black guy who works in a different department in my company, and the ladies gossip about his huge p****. I see him around the office occasionally, and he flirts with me. We were riding the elevator together, and he told me I smell nice. I blushed and said thank you. He asked if my outfit was new. I told him it was and thank you for noticing. We got off the elevator and walked slowly down the hall. I told him I got it for a co-worker's birthday party that day after work and asked if he was going. He said he had a rough week and just wanted to go home. I told him I was sorry to hear that and suggested he do something fun with his girlfriend to feel better. He said they just broke up, hence the rough week. I said "Oh then you really need to do something to feel better...do you need any help feeling better?" I couldn't believe what I was saying. We paused in the hall. "You think you can make me feel better?" he asked. "I'm willing to try." I skipped out of the party early but was glad I could still use it as my alibi. I met him at his house. We had a couple glasses of wine, but I didn't want to waste time. I wanted to get right into it. I set my glass down, grabbed his shirt, and pulled it over his head. He dropped his pants, and I immediately inspected his bulge. It didn't seem very big. I yanked down his underwear and started to stroke his d*** to see how big it got when it was fully erect. Then I realized it was fully erect. HE HAD A TINY P****! I swear I'm cursed. I didn't really want to have s** with him at that point. I blew him, because I felt it would be rude not to. I made my way out the door and said I hope he felt better. He was surprised and said he thought we were just getting started. I said my husband was probably starting to to wonder where I was. I kind of felt bad ditching him, but this was not at all the experience I was hoping for. It's not worth cheating on my husband. But I'm still on a quest for a huge d***, no matter how many tiny d**** I have to go through.


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  • Their it goes to show that not allll tham black guys have big c****... As not all Chinese have small c****... Yes I suppose most but not all.... Even white dudes have big c****! I am Mexican with an 8'c***... I can help if ur in AZ lol

  • Karma will surely catch up with you

  • Oh little b**** I have a big one but I can't help you sorry .............

  • My ex wife loved to have me strech her c*** then one night i had made plans with my cus. and a friend of his who had a huge c*** to group f*** my wife we went there and had a good time drinking and dancing then i started to play with my wife and got her h**** then i took her to a bedroom and striped her down and started licking her c*** when my cus. and his friend came in and she just let us take her and she loved it now we are divorced but i hear she is still into groups of c***.

  • My husband has a tiny p****. He's a very good man and means well in the bedroom. But after a couple years of marriage I too needed to feel a big c*** inside me. I actually had the pleasure of that experience with a guy in college. We didn't date long, but I think about him every time I have s** with my husband. I reconnected with him a few years ago, and we've been hooking up a couple times a year. It's the perfect arrangement for me, as long as my hubby doesn't find out.

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