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Awhile back my wofe went on holidays without me as I was unable to get away. I have been in a almost s** less relationship for many years. So I found a woman that was also married. She was a very large woman. Which I don't mind for casual hookups. So we meet downtown late at night. We walked down a forest trail and talked. Then we found a bench. I could see she wanted to get right to it. But I made her wait for it. Then I started to kiss her a bit. Then I told her to drop to her knees and start sucking. We were hidden from passers-by so I stood up and dropped my pants. She continued to blow me good. Then I grabbed her head and made her swallow all of my hard c***. Pumping her fat mouth good. She finally pulls off and gasps for air and says omg your making me gag. Then I told her to shut up b**** and shoved it back down that fat ugly b****** throat. Then I bent her on all four over the grass. And told her she gonna get f*****. She said no not without a condom. I told her I had one. (I didn't ). Then I wet her a****** and shoved in deep inside her hard. Pumping her ass good she asks me if I'm wearing it and I told her no. She doesn't say a word and lets me keep f****** her up her fat ass. She can feel me about to c**. She turn her hrad and says just don't c** inside me. Just as those words leave her lups I unload deep indie her. Filling her wet hot ass with every drop of my hot c**. I keep f****** it slowly as I unload more inside her. Then I pull out and tell her to sit up and I shove my c*** I her mouth and make her suck me dry. Then as we walk back to her car she tells me that u have the biggest c*** she's ever had and that I can f*** her like that anytime I want. Moral of the story find a fat ugly chick and f*** her in the dark. She'll do anything you want.

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  • Nice story, you should tell it to your kids. Kids love fairytales.

  • You lucky devil...

  • Dreamer!

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